How to Create an Autumn Conifer Container Display

In this post learn how to pot up a conifer starter plant that will be on display until it is time to transplant in the landscape.  I will share with you some of my favorite products that will make this project a success.

How to Create an Autumn Conifer Container Video

My fur babies and I had a great time creating this video to share with you.  Take a look at how easy it is to plant up a conifer starter plant.  If you don’t have a conifer starter plant I share where you can find some to grow  for your landscape and container designs.

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I love saying the word ‘conifer’ so I end up referring to most all my evergreens as that.  A conifer is “a tree that bears cones and evergreen needle-like”  In order to put this video together I used one of the American arborvitae plants that I started from a starter.  I mention in the video how I purchase these from our local Soil and Water Conservation District.  I share more about my planting of these starter trees on my website at the  Tree Project.

Image From The Container Planting Day

What a great time cleaning up the deck for Autumn.  In these photos, I share a few extra tips and details on how to do this project.

Autumn Grass
Fountain Grass
Canna Bulbs Being Removed
Mini Shovel to remove the cannas that were growing all summer long.

Product Shout Out

Mini Shovel in Autumn garden

Some of the products mentioned in this post are listed below.  Direct addiction questions to me on my contact page featured on this website.

  • [eafl id=”30977″ name=”Centurion Garden and Outdoor Living 168 Round Point Folding Shovel” text=”Centurion Folding Shovel “] – I give this product 5 stars!
  • Centurion mini shovel
  • G[eafl id=”29768″ name=”Perfect 10 by Watson Gloves (Canada)” text=”ardening Gloves “]

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conifer container planting with bren haas
container planting with conifers

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container gardening - conifers
View from my Pond Deck in Autumn

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Happy Autumn Gardening,

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