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Remodeling and or new construction is one of my favorite things about being a home owner.  In this article I will share a luxury vinyl floor vs other types of flooring.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring VS Other Types of Flooring
My favorite room – the kitchen

The flooring of any home or business establishment is one feature that you should not neglect when building or remodeling. You must choose the right type of flooring that will suit your needs and budget. Luxury vinyl flooring is one such type that many households prefer over other types because of its many benefits, one of which is being considerably less expensive than wood, ceramic and others. But is vinyl more economical, not only during installation but in the long run as well?


Vinyl is very easy to install, even if you hire a flooring contractor to do the job. The labor cost for installing vinyl is not as costly as say, installing hardwood flooring. In this aspect, you can already save money. You can do the installation yourself, but it is still a wise idea to trust professional installers to do the job. You may not install the boards properly, which may incur to additional expenses on your part.


The overall cost of vinyl floorboards is much cheaper than other types like linoleum, wood, bamboo, etc. if you are installing it in the entire house, the cost for it will be a lot less. It is suitable if you have a limited budget for your flooring, but you still want the functionality and durability that it can offer. Some boards range from only $.50 to $2, depending on their type. Nevertheless, this estimate is far cheaper than a piece of hardwood.


Luxury Vinyl Flooring VS Other Types of Flooring
The RV has a great vinyl flooring – super easy to clean up!

A clean cloth, mop, mild soap and no-wax cleaner are all you need to maintain and clean your vinyl flooring. You don’t need to spend a fortune on expensive chemical cleaners to clean this type of flooring. Warm water should be enough for easy to remove stains and mild soap for more stubborn stains. If you have a no-wax vinyl flooring, you should use an appropriate cleaner to retain the coating that provides the sheen to the floor. If you clean the floor frequently, you don’t have to worry about it deteriorating before it should. Simple cleaning techniques are all you need to keep your floor squeaky clean.


Vinyl floors can last anywhere from ten to twenty years, so it means that you do not have to replace them for a decade or two, which translates to savings. As long as you maintain its cleanliness and you do not allow for moisture to accumulate on the floor, it can even last for more than its intended lifetime. If you have pets at home, scratches can be inevitable. You have to take care of them right away so that they can still be treated. If you are going to install the flooring in your home or business, would you choose vinyl based on the information that you know about it? Vinyl is an excellent alternative to more expensive types, as it can also mimic the look of wood, minus the cost.

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