A Quick Walk About at Lyndale Gardens

Recently Minneapolis was named the nation’s best park system according to The Trust for Public Land’s 2016 ParkScore Index. After visiting a few dozen parks over this past weekend during the Garden Blogger Fling I would have to agree that Lyndale Gardens which is part of the Minneapolis Park System is one I won’t forget anytime soon because of it’s mix of color and use of structures.  During the garden tour with over 40 other garden writers I had a short 20 minutes to walk through this beautiful garden filled with many of my favorite flowers to grow in my garden.  I tried to make the best of it by grabbing one of the many staff members on hand and doing a live stream.

[googlemap address=”1300 W 42nd St. Minneapolis, MN 55409″ width=”380″ height=”230″ position=”left”] While visiting the rose, perennial and annual garden at Lyndale I was able to speak to gardener Andrew Sawboy. We walked for a short time in the center of the perennial borders as I live streamed the conversation on Periscope. The garden has two long perennial borders edge Lynwood Annual Perennial garden and six annual beds are featured in between.  I had to take photos fast after speaking with Andrew about his contribution in the garden because we only had about 15 minutes in this garden.  Other bloggers who were on the #GBFling2016 event shared images on their site and on Facebook.  

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During this quick presentation that was streamed live Andrew shares with us his vision behind this years garden theme in the Victorian layout gardens of Lyndale.  Andrew also explains how he put together a trellis structure in the garden.  This was shared live and totally on the spot so BIG THANK YOU to Andrew for his willingness to share.

Find this video and others on Periscope with Bren Playlist at YouTube.com

The cute little hand-woven retort was mentioned in the New York Times Recently.  You can find more information about the hand woven thicket structure at :Cheeriup.com. The Minnesota native Kelly English said her structures are inspired by the book “Last Child In The Woods”. 

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During my afternoon visit I didn’t go to far into the Rose section of the garden because it was just too bright to take photographs.  I did however snap a few photos on the edge of the garden after walking about in the colorful perennial gardens on site.

[button-green url=”#” target=”_self” position=”left”]Growing Tip : [/button-green]Japanese Beetles have become one of the greatest challenges we face. However, our beneficial insect populations and our proximity to Lake Harriet limit what we can use to control the damage they inflict while feeding.  When populations are low, we hand pick the beetles and submerge them in detergent water; when high, we apply a systemic insecticide.  Read more on the LynDale Park Brochure.

Video on Home Gardening Tips Playlist at YouTube.com


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[alert-warning]Thank you for stopping by my site today and taking a look at the images I took during the Garden Blogger Fling at the Lyndale Garden. I hope you will leave a comment and let me know what you thought. Also I’ll be sharing more from this event so be sure to check out the category ‘Garden Blogger Fling ‘ on my site.

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