In this post I share my late winter seed order review vlog.  I KNOW what you are thinking – more seeds???  YES   Find the unique vlog featuring what I am growing and recommend along with tips on planting here.

Late Winter Seed Order Vlog

On my website blog you can naturally find numerous post featuring seed reviews.  Undeniably, this year is my largest haul yet!  There is no denying I have the seed planting bug again this season.  Many of the seeds feature in this vlog are for direct sow method so you will want to stay tuned to see how those do for me.  This is not my first order from True Leaf Market online and that is because I find their seeds to do well in my growing conditions.  Below you will find the vlog.  Scroll down to see the list of plants in this order review.

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Late Winter Seed Order Review

True Leaf Market order

In spite of the many seed reviews on my blog I am going to list yet again.  This documentation helps me remember what I plant and recap how each seed responds in my greenhouse, dome or garden.   Because many of these are doing to be direct sow I will highlight in bold the seeds that I am starting in the next few days indoors.  For the vlog I pulled images of the flowers off of the True Leaf Market website.  The collage below is from that content.

Image | True Leaf Market
  • Sunflower| Ring of Fire
  • Cleome Queen Mix
  • Sunflower | Lemon Queen
  • Sunflower | Early Black Heart F1
  • Zinnia | Pompon Pumila
  • Zinnia | California Giant Mix
  • Sunflower | Mardi Gras Dwarf
  • Sunflower | Mardi Gras Blend Tall
  • Large American Flag Leek
  • America Spinach
  • Lemon Grass
shooting star eggplant seeds
Shooting Star Seeds Indoor Planting

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