Tomato Plant Climbing Amaryllis

Bloom Amaryllis

I couldn’t believe what was going on in my sunroom where the Amaryllis grow this time of year.  There is a mystery plant using the Nymph Amaryllis as a trellis.  In this post I share a few unique images of the Tomato Plant Climbing My Amaryllis because we all need a smile.

Tomato Plant Climbing Amaryllis

houseplants in winter sun

How could this be you might ask.  I first spotted the vine-like plant climbing the holiday bloom a week before this photo. The scent of tomato plant leaves are unmistakable.  Simply rub the plant’s leaves to discover it was indeed a tomato.

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Images From The Unlikely Pairing

tomato vine climbing amaryllis

How Exciting!

Tomato Vine Climbing Amaryllis Plant

No surprise that both are making a wonderful pair – companion plants that you don’t normally find together.   The small tomato is so happy climbing the stiff stalk of the Amaryllis.

The Nymph Amaryllis

Double Bloom of Nymph Amaryllis

The Amaryllis bulb was started indoors 2 months ago.  As it finishes off its last series of bloom I noticed the mystery vine.  This variety of Amaryllis makes a great holiday bloom addition to most any home. I prefer to start mine later in the winter once the holidays are behind us.  This is one of the varieties I have stored in the past and forced a bloom the following year.  I share more about that on my website at: Forcing Amaryllis Bulbs Indoors.

How Could a Tomato Vine Climb a Amaryllis

Most likely the seed was hiding in the soil that I recycle.  I do remember just grabbing from my bin of soil from last year’s stash in the garage.  Whatever was closest to the house because it has been so cold outside.  To start the Amaryllis bulb only a small amount of soil is needed.  The seed must have been left from the firefly variety I grew last year.  We will find out what variety as this plant continues to grow well after the amaryllis is done for the season.

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Have you ever had a mystery plant show up in your containers?  Maybe an unwanted weed or just new life that was totally unexpected.  I would love to hear from you and your experience so comment on my website.   Stay tuned to see what happens to this vine.  I am not sure it will continue to grow indoors.  Subscribe to my email newsletter to get updates in your mailbox.

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