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November 2021 in the Dome Greenhouse

Dome Update | November Mandeville, Kumquats, Banana Trees Vlog

There is so much going on in the dome and outside in the gardens that it’s nice to just stream live.  Be sure to check out Dome Update | November Mandeville, Kumquats, Banana Trees Vlog! Dome Update | November Mandeville, Kumquats, Banana Trees Vlog It is hard to believe the dome has been growing year-round

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Growing Thuja Giant Tree Starters

How to Grow Thuja Giant Starter Trees

In this post I highlight a video showing what to do with thuja giant starter trees.  Check out the video and a few of the tips highlighted below! Thuja Giant Starter Trees Video Just a quick video highlighting how I grow my thuja giant starter trees.  https://youtu.be/llbEr9SvmuY You can find this video on my Bren

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dwarf cavendish banana trees

Truly Tiny and Dwarf Cavendish Banana Trees In My Dome Garden

In this post, you’ll see a few unique plants growing in my dome garden. Check out the Truly Tiny and Dwarf Cavendish Banana Trees! Growing Truly Tiny and dwarf Cavendish Banana Trees Video This is the first full summer in the dome garden.   The 4 trees I started with are multiplying and doing really well.

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hard cover book | espalier

Espalier Fruit Trees Book Review

In this post, I share the publication titled’ Espalier Fruit Trees For Wall, Hedge, and Pergola’ by Karl Pieber | Peter Modi.  You will see videos and images featuring the art of Espalier. See the highlights I find interesting in this publication. Espalier Fruit Trees Book Review There is nothing like holding a good hard

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Magnolia Blooms on Tree

Magnolia Trees in My Ohio Garden

In this post share featuring the magnolia trees that grow in my home garden.  You will find photos and my personal thoughts on these trees and the magnificent blooms.  Explore how the new and the old varieties welcome Spring in the landscape. The Magnolia Tree Mid-Spring Blooms on Magnolia daffodils in the garden open blooms

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Remembering the Ash Trees In My Northwest Ohio Garden

Do you remember Ash Trees?  In this post,  remembering the ash trees in my Northwest Ohio Garden featuring a video of the majestic trees. The Ash Trees When we first moved to the country we were captivated by the beautiful trees in the flood plain wooded property we own.  I am so thankful that we

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Spring Hellebore Blooms

Hellebore in My Early Spring Garden

This post is to showcase the beautiful Hellebore ( “Christmas rose” and “Lenten rose”) plants that grow in my shade garden.  In this post you’ll find images and a short video featuring this dreamy spring garden. Hellebore Sleet Video Outside enjoying the beautiful blooms of the hellebore on the first day of April as it

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Peach Cobbler Bite

Peach Cobbler Recipe

In this post I share my super easy peach cobbler recipe.  You will enjoy this recipe because it uses basic ingredients found in most kitchen pantries.  Check out the peach harvest from our trees here in our home garden.

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