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water lettuce bundle

How To Add New Water Lettuce Plant

In this post I share a short video featuring a water lettuce plant review.  See how the plant is doing in my dome greenhouse koi pond.  Super easy steps on how to ensure the plant does well with fish.

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First Snow Dome Update

First Snow in New Year Dome Update

It is hard to believe we are well into the winter season and haven’t had much snow to talk about.  Finally, a system is here and we have snow! In this post I am sharing the first snow in new year dome update. First Snow Dome Update In this video I share how the dome

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intro image

New YouTube Channel Trailer

In this post, I share my new YouTube Channel Trailer.  I have been on YouTube for over five years and finally, it is live! New YouTube Channel Trailer Welcome to my site… below is the video I put together.  Obviously it was right off top of my head.  Stay tuned because I will most likely

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Oliver Gives His Big Eyes

Meet Oliver Our New Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Puppy

Meet Oliver The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Oliver The First Week at Home Perhaps the sweetest little critter we’ve ever welcomed into our family.  Oliver the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a special and super unique pup.  On This page I share everything Oliver!  Over the past few years, a lot has changed in my

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Goldfish or Koi

Introducing the NEW Goldfish to the Winter Koi Pond

In today’s post, I share my latest video featuring the new fish I added to my small greenhouse pond.  Check out the video featuring how to Acclimate the new fish to your pond.  The video also shows how to tell a Koi from a Goldfish. Introducing The New Fish In the small pond I have in

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Prairie Seeds Catalog Review

Why I Love The New Prairie Nursery Catalog | Bren Haas

Today on the GardenChat Facebook group I learned about the Prairie Nursery Catalog.  I am so thankful I checked out their website because they had a PDF download of the current catalog and that is what I’m sharing with you in today’s post : Why I love the new prairie nursery Catalog. Why I love

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Autumn Color

Small Space New Autumn Garden Planting Ideas

Who doesn’t love Autumn color?  This is the time of year where trees, shrubs, and perennials take the main stage in the landscape.  In this post I share small space new Autumn garden planting ideas.  I recently tore out an old overgrown garden and added winning varieties you are going to love. Sunrise In Small

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20 foot geodesic bio dome lite up for Autumn

Growing Year-Round : New Adventure in a Geodesic Bio Dome

The coolest thing about living in Ohio is we get to experience the four seasons.  I love it when it snows and I can still keep on gardening. The not so cool thing is most everything dies or goes dormant for the winter and you can’t grow anything outside in the garden.  In this post,

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table at Cultivate 2015

What’s New : Mini Bok Choi and Purple Snow Peas

Have you heard of Cultivate Show?  I’ve been attending this Garden Industry Trade show since 2008.  I don’t make it every year but when I do I am super excited to share about what I find new for home gardeners.  The show isn’t open to the public.  It is an honor to be able to

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