Xtrema Ceramic Pizza Pan Review and Recipe Ideas

In this post, I share why I love this product and some recipes you will want to add to your weekly menu. I hope you enjoy this post featuring Xtrema Ceramic Pizza Pan Review and Recipe Ideas. 

Friday Pizza Night with Xtrema Ceramic Video

You are going to want this PAN for your own Pizzaria nights with the family after watching this video review below.

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This video can be found on my Bren Haas Channel features on this website.  I am on YouTube t the link provide.

I’m a Ceramic Pizza Pan Fan

I want to note that my  Ceramic 12′ pizza pan was given to me in exchange for a review. ALL comments about this pan are my honest opinion.   I would greatly appreciate it if you clicked the link and purchased one for yourself to help me keep up with current pizza recipes.  Each purchase from my link helps me keep the pizza shares coming!

The pan works best if you use a premade crust.  I tried making a homemade dough crust on this pan and it was a mess.  You can lay parchment paper down on the pan when making pizza crust from dough but I don’t recommend that.

More Pizza on My Website

Be sure to check out some of my salad recipes to go with the pizza for dinner tonight! 

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Come on – tell me what you think about using a ceramic pan to cook pizza.  I would love to hear about how you make pizza at home. Be sure to reach out to me on my website today.

Happy Pizza Day Friends,

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