Xtrema Ceramic Pizza Pan Review and Recipe Ideas

It has become a tradition in my home to have pizza on the menu every Friday.  After baking up my first pizza using the Xtrema Ceramic Pizza Pan I find myself wanting to make EVERY NIGHT a pizza night.  In this post, I share why I love this product and some recipes you will want to add to your weekly menu. I hope you enjoy this post featuring Xtrema Ceramic Pizza Pan Review and Recipe Ideas.

Friday Pizza Night with Xtrema Ceramic Video Review

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Xtrema Pizza Pan Review

Xtrema Ceramic Cookware Review
  • Xtrema Midnight Black 100% Ceramic 12" Pizza Oven Baking Pan


This Xtrema Ceramic Cookware Pizza pan totally amazes me every time I use it. I create at least 1 pizza a week now thanks to this pans performance in my high heat professional oven. The pan is eco-friendly, 100% ceramic cookware with all natural inorganic ceramic minerals which is something you won’t find in other cookware products. The pan is not only saved to use in my high-temperature professional oven I can use it safely on the grill. I also LOVE how the pan is gorgeous enough to add to the table to serve from!

Pizza Night Every Night

Pizza with peppers

Peppers on Your Pizza : Friday Pizza Night

I’ve shared plenty of Pizza recipe ideas over the past 1o years of blogging.  Heck, I even featured the cute American Girl Doll Pizza garden while in Chicago at the Flower show. I think my favorite might be the organic eggplant pizza because I grew that one in my home garden. It just won’t be a good Xtrema Ceramic Pizza Pan Review without some  Recipe Ideas you can actually use!

I’m an Xtrema Ceramic Fan

I want to note that my Xtrema Ceramic 12′ pizza pan was given to me in exchange for a review. ALL comments about this pan are my honest opinion.   I would greatly appreciate if you clicked the link and purchased one for yourself to help me keep up with current pizza recipes.  Each purchase from my link helps me keep the pizza shares coming!

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Come on – tell me what you think about using a ceramic pan to cook pizza.  I would love to hear from you so comment below.

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