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White Bean and Vegetable Bowls with Frizzled Eggs Recipe

This easy bowl of brothy goodness is part of my healthy living recipe sharing series that will make you feel good about what you bring to the table. The White Bean and Vegetable Bowls with Frizzled Eggs Recipe is a quick fill you up kind of meal.

Shopping List White Bean and Vegetable Bowls with Frizzled Eggs

magazine recipe

Loaded with vitamin-packed veggies include onions, garlic, spinach, and tomatoes all of which will make you wonder if it is really comforting food.  This recipe will be a winner not only for the flavor, health benefits but because it won’t put a strain on your wallet. I was able to cook up this mail for 4 for under $10!  Below you will find my shopping list that  I took with me to Aldi’s grocery store.  I love Aldi for all the wonderful new organic products they are carrying at a totally reasonable price.

My Aldi Shopping List

  • Fresh Organic Spinach $2.49
  • Tomatoes $.79
  • Great Northern Beans $.69
  • Onion $1
  • Garlic $.25
  • Vegetable Broth $1.99
  • Eggs $.79 a dozen
  • Mushrooms $1.29

Do you have an Aldi in your area?  You can check on Google Maps on your mobile right now.  Need help?  Let me help you with that – I love social tech stuff!

White Bean and Vegetable Bowls with Frizzled Eggs Recipe

comfort food - eggs, spinach, tomato and white bean

This recipe is super easy and loaded with flavor. I found it while flipping through the October issue of Cooking Light Magazine.  I hope you take advantage of the easy to print the recipe below.

Printable Recipe Available!

This recipe was found in Cooking Light Magazine in October 2016 (page 34).  Get your subscription on Amazon using this link. 

In the Kitchen With Bren

I love cooking up a new dish with my camera close by.  I actually used my trusty old Nikon D90 for these photos I share today.  Please be sure to share them on Pinterest.

White Bean and Vegetable Bowls with Frizzled Eggs Recipe

After sauteing the onions and garlic in olive – carefully pour veggie stock in with tomatoes and beans.

vegetables in the stock pot

Once the tomatoes and beans are boiling gently ad the spinach for this White Bean and Vegetable Bowls with Frizzled Eggs Recipe

white bean and spinach


It doesn’t get much easier than that!

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I loved this recipe and I know you will as well. I hope you will consider sharing with me by posting at the bottom of this blog. What did you think of the recipe? Would you prepare this on a cool day?  Please reach out to me on my website and consider subscribing.

Happy Cooking,

Bren Haas

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