Summer in The 20′ Geodesic Bio Dome Update Video

dome in the meadow in summerIn this post, I share a video and a few photos featuring the first day of Summer in the 20′ Geodesic Bio-Dome.

Summer in the 20′ Dome Garden Update Video

This video was fun to make. I personally can’t believe it is already summer 2020.  I turned 50 years old this year and everything went crazy except in my garden.

This video is on Bren Haas YouTube Channel. Let me know if you have a hard time viewing the images or videos on this page.


Here are a few images from the dome garden today.  Be sure to click on each to find out more.  I am just adding a few from today because most are featured in the video.

Learn more about my 20′ geodesic biodome I’ve been growing in since Autumn 2015.  Follow this link! https://brenhaas.com/tag/geodesic-bio-dome/

Let’s Connect

Thanks for joining me in the dome today.  Please be sure to comment and tell me if you grow year-round.  I’d love to hear about what you would like me to share with you from the dome so connect with me soon.

Happy Summer,

Bren Haas

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