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Dome in July 2022

Creative VLOG in My Dome Greenhouse

Growing year-round can be exciting no matter what hardiness zone you live in.  In this post I share the humid fun growing in the 20 foot geodesic dome.  This is my July Gardening in the Dome Update. July VLOG From The Dome Video Hard to believe it was super fun in a 90*f with high

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Loch Greenhouse in Swanton Ohio

Spring Selection of Plants at Loch Greenhouse

In this post I share a quick visit to Loch Greenhouse located in Swanton Ohio.  Check out the large variety of plants grown locally at this small garden center. Loch Greenhouse Spring 2022 A short drive near the Ohio Turnpike and Toledo Express Airport will land you right at this local growers plant haven.  Find

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Buddy walking The Snow Trail

Winter Heating in the Dome Greenhouse

In this post I share some tips on heating a geodesic bio dome greenhouse.  Find a video featuring ‘ the calm before the storm’ and heating tips.   Be sure to scroll down to the bottom of this post to leave feedback and ask questions. The Calm Before The Storm Video As you will be able

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Wood Frame of Dome

Dome Greenhouse Plastic Update

In this post I share a quick video and more from my dome greenhouse plastic update.  You will see a video and images featuring tips on growing productively out of season. BONUS.. 2 awesome vlogs in this post. Dome Greenhouse Plastic Update On YouTube I titled the video ‘2 snakes in the tea tree’ because

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Path to Greenhouse In Snow

Greenhouse After Freeze

In this post I share what it is like to experience a freeze in a home greenhouse. I share tips on what to grow and why it is important to have backup heat. This post was originally written February 12,2010 My Sweet Aussie Loved the Greenhouse Experience NO Heat and the Greenhouse Freeze I woke

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My 10'x12' Greenhouse Update

Greenhouse April Freeze Update

In todays vlog I want to share with you the greenhouse April Freeze Update.  You will find the video and photos documenting my experience with this unheated 10’x12′ greenhouse in my Ohio garden. Greenhouse April Freeze Update The video shows the weather chart from our weather station here on the property.  It’s little things like

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Dome Garden Warm Up

Dome Greenhouse Update on February Winter Warm Up

In this post, I share a few images and video clips featuring the dome greenhouse.  You will see a video with sights and sounds around the dome garden.  I also want to feature a video clip from my pond today. with exciting plants growing all winter long. Dome Greenhouse Winter Warm-Up Video A winter storm

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greenhouse surrounded by raisedbeds

Northern Light Home Garden Greenhouse

Northern Light Home Greenhouse In this post I share details about my very first greenhouse which was the Northern Light Greenhouse.  The structure debuted on Gardener Supply Company. Northern Light Greenhouse First Autumn with Greenhouse greenhouse surrounded by raisedbeds The photo above shows my first summer growing around and in the greenhouse.  By late July

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