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Power Planter Product Review

In this post, I share the Power Planter Tool attachment that is useful year-round.  You will see in the detailed video how the product works and what I think of this garden toll.

Power Planter Product Review Video

In the video below I demo how to use this product.  It really makes gardening easier if you have the right tool.  There are different sizes of the Power Planter Auger so be sure to get the one that works best for your space.

I love doing product review videos.  You can find this video on my Bren Haas YouTube Channel.  If you have a YouTube account I hope you will show support and follow me on YouTube.

About the Power Planter

power planter auger review

Year-round is garden time for me.  That means my hands are doing double time with digging.   Below you will find tips about this attachment that can make gardening easier.  A really cool thing about this tool is it is made in America.

For my demo, I was using the Worx Switch Drill Drive which has outstanding reviews and a personal favorite in my home and garden. The auger was super easy to attach to the drill.

Be sure to follow safety guidelines. Here are a few pointers to follow when using the tool:

  • Wear eye protection.
  • Do not wear jewelry or loose clothing while operating the power tool.
  • Be very careful that you do not hit underground sprinklers or utilities.
  • Be alert and use common sense at all times when operating this or any power tool.

The box The Power Planter directs to operate at a slow speed. It is equally important to be sure the drill is in forward when creating the hole. The raised bed garden  I am working on has onions that needed to be harvested. The drill cut the soil like it was warm butter! 

It is important to note that this area of my garden is very well-drained and the soil is amended from an early landscape project.  Most of the soil in my area is clay, however, this area is a rich fertile soil that is somewhat easy to turn.  This product was used in later Autumn and the soil temperature was right around 55*F.

In Conclusion

All levels of garden enthusiasts can purchase a Power Planter earth auger on Amazon. I can’t stress enough how great this tool works.  Tell me what you think by commenting below or reaching out to me on my contact page.  I can’t wait to hear what you think about this garden tool and review.

Happy Gardening,

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    1. Thank you for commenting on my post. This power planter works great – if you like your tulips or crocus planted in one hole. You can also get the wider auger by Power Planter that makes room for 4-5 bulbs for a cluster planting. I’d love it if you purchase one use my affiliate link on Amazon. I get a little credit for that.

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