Power Planter Product Review

If you thought that once the leaves begin to fall off the trees and the perennials are dying back meant it was time to rest in the garden think again!  As the soil temperature drops it is time to start digging some holes and dropping some Spring blooming bulbs in the ground. Autumn is the time of year to plant Spring bulb varieties like allium, tulips, crocus and daffodils. My Power Planter product review is an accessory that offers an alternative to digging holes.

About the Power Planter

Power Planter Review | Bren Haas

Power Planter Review | Bren Haas

This non-slip hex drive is welded by hand and made in America. The auger needs to be cleaned before storing.  The Power Planter has a lifetime guarantee on defects from materials or craftsmanship.


  • Planting bulbs, flowers, bare root plants
  • Tilling planter boxes
  • Mixing seed, fertilizer, paint and cement
  • Soil sampling
Power Planter Review

Power Planter Review

How To Use

Install the Power Planter in a 3/8″ or bigger drill noted on the box. For my demo I was using the Worx Switch Drill Drive which as outstanding reviews and a personal favorite in my home and garden.

Be sure to follow safety guidelines…. I like wearing my garden gloves and of course I have my glasses on for eye safety. Do not wear jewelry  or loose clothing while operating the power tool. Be very careful that you do not hit underground sprinklers or utilities.  I had to be careful in the area I was working because there is a new gas line but it is 2 feet under grown in this landscape.  Be alert and use common sense at all times when operating this or any power tool.

The box The Power Planter came in said to operate at slow speed. It is equally important to be sure the drill is in forward when creating the hole. The raised bed garden  I picked to work in was partially filled with onions that needed harvested. The drill cut the soil like it was warm butter! 

My Soil

Power Planter Review : Shovel

Power Planter Review : Shovel

What the heck is under the mulch I just spread in the new landscape area… I grabbed my handy dandy radius hand transplanter (shovel) moved the earth around.  It was my same ol’ soil that shovel had easily moved about … mixed with a bit of compost and mulch that I had planted 6 new 5 gallon size shrubs in last week.

It is important to note that this area of my garden is very well drained and the soil is amended from an early landscape project.  Most of the soil in my area is clay however this area is a rich fertile soil that is some what easy to turn.  This product was used in later Autumn and the soil temperature was right around 55*F.

Prize winning soil : Power Planter Review

Prize winning soil : Power Planter Review

Bren’s Power Planter Review on YouTube

This video can be found on Bren Haas YouTube Channel.


All levels of garden enthusiast can purchase a Power Planter earth auger on Amazon. I can’t stress enough how great this tool works.  I’d love to hear from you so tell me what you think by commenting below. Would you consider this tool in your garden shed?

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