Interview with Kenny Holzemer of Growing Veteran

I love connecting with creative people.  In this interview, we head out to the farm with Kenny Holzemer who is the executive director of Growing Veterans Organization.  This non-profit group is helping veterans in Northwest Washington by teaching them to grow. Find out more in the podcast featured in this post.

Meet Kenny Holzemer or Growing Veterans

I am super excited to connect with Kenny Holzemer who is making a difference in Veterans lives with gardening.  This interview features the executive director of Growing Veterans in NW Washington State. Kenny is a veteran and just got done harvesting his tomatoes so this is a fun interview.   Kenny is a mediator to make sure everyone has the resources for the program.  There is formal support to help Veterans share their stories.  This is ideally a way to help with mental health.  Listen to the presentation below to find out more:

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Are you able to listen to this podcast?  Get a hold of me if you have any questions or concerns.

Photo Collection From Growing Veterans Organization

Kenny sent me some great photos to share. I love seeing what he shared via photographs because it totally makes the podcast come to life.  Can you smell the fresh produce?  I’ve never met anyone who didn’t garden and have a positive experience even when the plants don’t perform as expected. The organization has 3 organic farms where they teach gardening to vets.

Helping soldiers, sailors, and airmen to return to civilian life through gardening. 

Highlights of The Interview with  Growing Veterans

You can find out more about this organization including how to get involved and even donate at https://growingveterans.org/

Let’s Connect

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