Growing Columbine Flowers

Pink Single Bloom of Columbine Spring

One of the easiest plants to grow and enjoy in the spring is columbine.  In today’s post, I wanted to share with you a little garden just outside my sunroom that for many years I mostly enjoyed from the windows inside our home.

How to Plant Columbine

In the video below I share how I plant Columbine seeds ( or Aquilegia ) in my home garden.  Last Summer we finally added a nice patio kitchen to one side of the garden and sunroom where we can step out year-round and enjoy this mostly shade garden.  Today I’m sharing images of some of the primrose, hellebore, and more I’ve been building up in this small space.  I also have a short video to help you grow your own Spring blooming flower called Columbine.

Play Video

The video above is a feature on Bren Haas YouTube Channel. 

A quick share from my Garden with hopes this will encourage you to grow some columbine.  This has got to be one of the easiest plants to start from seed. Many of my plants are heirloom and they reseed each year.  If you look close at your plants you may find some babies popping up below in the mulch.  After planting it is fun to snap a few photos.  Please be sure to document what you start in the garden.  Documenting will help you learn and explore more ways to grow what you enjoy.

Festive Purple and White Columbine
Solid Blue Columbine
Festive Purple and White Columbine

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In conclusion, please take the opportunity to leave a comment about this columbine plant.  There are many new colors and older varieties that are just breath- taking. Do you grow these in your home garden.  Share your story with me  by reaching out on my website contact page. 

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