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heart micogreens in autumn

Microgreen in My Autumn Garden

Today we are in the kitchen garden outside of the sunroom of my home.  This area faces the north so it doesn’t get a lot of sun.  I decided to do a video featuring the microgreens I am growing this Autumn. In this post, I share a video featuring tips on how to grow Microgreens

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milkweed with caterpillar

Butterfly Garden Update

In this post, I share a video featuring the Butterfly Garden I kind of ‘threw’ together this year.  I hope you enjoy the video and a few of my personal recommendations. Butterfly Garden Update This video was originally captured on a live stream for Facebook group GardenChat.  You can find out more about that group

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Crocus in the lawn

Crocus in Spring

One of the many things I look forward to in my home garden each Spring is the crocus in bloom.  In this post I share how spectacular they are in the landscape. Crocus in My Landscape Video Watch close as my pup Oliver stops to smell the crocus.  These bulbs have made it through 2

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Landscape Gardening with Compost

How I use Coffee Grounds In The Garden

Over the years online I’ve been able to find experts who are excited to share their experience in gardening to debunk the home gardening myths that keep popping up.  Nothing ‘erks’ me more than misleading information being shared online.  In this post, I hope to share with you what I’ve found out about using coffee

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Easy to create Riced Cauliflower Stir Fry

Easy To Create Riced Cauliflower Stir Fry Recipe

This dish is amazing … low carb and easy to make: Using ingredients I always have on hand and a frozen cauliflower variety I found in the freezer department at Walmart. This post includes the super easy to create riced cauliflower stir fry recipe. Easy to Create Riced Cauliflower Stir Fry Recipe Lorem ipsum dolor

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Strawberry in Autumn

Strawberry Cake Roll Recipe Using Home Grown Fruit

While checking out  my website stats the other day I noticed this Strawberry Cake Roll Recipe.  Perfect time timing because I was looking for a fun recipe featuring the berries I grow.  I shared the image as a greeting on Facebook and began my search for this recipe.  In this post you will find the

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egg fritter

Egg, Ham and Vegetable Fritter Recipe

Eggs are INCREDIBLE!  Each week when I go grocery shopping eggs are at the top of my list.  In this post I will be sharing an exciting Egg, Ham and Vegetable Fritter Recipe you will want to try and tweak with your own favorite ingredients. Egg, Ham and Vegetable Fritter Recipe Below is the easy

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Fresh blueberry and citrus bread

Creative Blueberry and Lemon Bread Recipe

Recipes that you can grow are my absolute favorite. Blueberries and lemons are both ingredients I recently harvest from my Ohio garden. In today’s post, I share one of my favorite Creative Blueberry and Lemon Bread Recipe that you can enjoy any time of the year. Blueberry and Lemon Bread Recipe It took me a

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Banana Bread Fresh Out Of the Oven

Super Easy Oven Air Fryer Banana Bread Recipe

If you purchase bananas I know you can relate to how fast they ripen.  In this post, I share a Super Easy Oven Air Fryer Banana Bread Recipe. If you don’t own an Oven Air Fryer (which you should!)  you can do this same recipe in an oven. Super Easy Oven Air Fryer Banana Bread Recipe

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strawberry goat cheese recipe

Goat Cheesecake with Fresh Strawberries Dessert Recipe

Growing your own Strawberries has gotten easier with each passing season.  In this post, I share a favorite Goat Cheese and Strawberry Dessert Recipe that can be enjoyed at any time of the year. Goat Cheese Cake and Strawberry Desserts It seemed like a weird combination when I first put this together years ago.  The

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Easy Garden Fresh Quiche Recipe

Easy Garden Fresh Quiche Recipe

Today I’m sharing my garden fresh Quiche Recipe with you all.  I couldn’t find the original recipe so I grabbed my iPad and started recording a recipe from memory. The video is on my old YouTube so I’ll have to make a new one soon. Let me know if you are interested in seeing that

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sugar and script bakery

Must Visit In Southern California | Sugar and Scribe Bakery

Fortunate enough to visit California many times in my life but had never been as far south as San Diego until Autumn 2017.  Southern California is the perfect place to take a break before the holiday rush begins. The perfect summer day can be found frozen in time in small coastal towns such as La

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