Two Incredible Hydrangeas For Home Gardens

In this post you will find a video review featuring two of my incredible hydrangeas for home gardens.  Check out the Incrediball Hydrangea and the Invincibelle Spirit I’ve been growing in my home garden for over 10 years. Video and images featuring growing tips you won’t want to miss.

Two Hydrangeas PERFECT For Home Gardens

Join me in the garden as I share my experience growing these two classic hydrangeas.  I’ve had the Incrediball and Invincibelle Spirit in my home garden for over 10 years.  You will see how they grow and what the blooms look like in the video review below.

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Incrediball Hydrangeas and Invincibelle Spirit

Incrediball Hydrangea was the first huge white / cream colored bloom on the market.  It really is a huge bloom and will do well in most any garden in hardiness zone 3=10.

Invincibelle Spirit is the first hydrangea that will rebloom.  I love picking the beautiful (no scent) pink blooms on this beauty to use in arrangements indoors.  This hydrangea is also awesome for drying to use year-round in decor.

Kink Kitty in the Hydrangeas

Where to find these Incredible Plants

Of course you can ask your local garden centers to see if they can get these plants in stock.  I recommend the links provided below where the plant will be shipped to your home at appropriate date.

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Hydrangeas In My  Garden

Below is a list of the post I’ve created featuring hydrangeas I grow in my home garden.

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What do you think of hydrangeas in the home garden?  Do you grow any in your garden or landscape?  Be sure to leave a comment on my website or reach out to share more with me.

Happy Hydrangea Growing,

Bren Haas

2 thoughts on “Two Incredible Hydrangeas For Home Gardens”

  1. Hi Bren! How do you fertilize the cat that is more fat than hydrangeas? LOL!

    • oh gosh… the kitty is actually very thin. He is my oldest cat named Kink Kitty because he has a kink in his tail. He gets alot of wet food these days because he teeth are so frail from age. NOW THE HYDRANGEA… I literally do nothing for food. I’ve not watered it or put mulch around the base in over 5 years. Those plants really don’t need fertilizer if you put it in a good soil location.

      Thanks for commenting!


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