Dome Greenhouse Update on February Winter Warm Up

In this post, I share a few images and video clips featuring the dome greenhouse.  You will see a video with sights and sounds around the dome garden.  I also want to feature a video clip from my pond today. with exciting plants growing all winter long.

Dome Greenhouse Winter Warm-Up Video

A winter storm dumped over a foot of snow on us last weekend.  Today we almost hit 65*F.  The River surrounding the dome garden is rising but I am not worried.  Check out this video featuring the spring birds singing.

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I enjoy making videos featuring what is going on in my world.  Be sure to connect with me on my website.  You can find my videos on Bren Haas Channel features that are embedded from my YouTube page.

Highlight of The Dome Greenhouse Winter Warm-Up

These two photos are only a week apart.  I kind of miss the snow because we were able to enjoy 75*F or higher in the dome all week.  This week will be as warm in the dome as long as the sun is out.  I am busy working on spring planting.  It is just so much fun walking from the snow to the summer weather inside the dome greenhouse.

What do you think of all the white mulch melting?  Hard to believe that snow was at an all-time high around the dome last week.  Which photo do you like best?

More Post About the Dome Greenhouse on My Website

mangave after winter

Thank you for stopping by my website today! I hope to share more from the inside the dome this week so stay tuned!

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Curious about what it is like in the dome?  I can’t wait to share what I’ve got growing on in there with you.  Be sure to connect with me on my website.  I am hoping to get my Newsletter up and running around before Spring actually arrives so you can get the quickest updates.  Let me know if you are interested in joining the email list.

Happy Gardening,

Bren Haas

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