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Must Visit In Southern California | Sugar and Scribe Bakery

sugar and script bakeryFortunate enough to visit California many times in my life but had never been as far south as San Diego until Autumn 2017.  Southern California is the perfect place to take a break before the holiday rush begins. The perfect summer day can be found frozen in time in small coastal towns such as La Jolla. Nothing beats the 70*F days in Autumn, cool breeze off the Ocean and fresh produce at La Jolla, California.  In today’s share, you will find my Must Visit In Southern California | Sugar and Scribe Bakery Review.

My First Trip to Southern California

La Jolla Beach Amazing views like the one above make La Jolla Cove in Southern California a perfect place to just sit! The waves crashing upon the shore below is super soothing. During my first visit to Southern California, I had my big ‘professional’ camera with me but found myself using my iPhone primarily for photographs.

Photo Travel Tip

While on vacation I recommend uploading images taken during each day on your mobile device to a Flickr or Amazon Prime Account while on a secure wifi connection.  Downloading photos off of the device helped keep me organized when trying to find a photo from vacation and also stopped my iPhone from getting cluttered.  Is there anything worse than having over 5K photos on your mobile device – been there!

The Cozy Neighborhood

Sugar and Script Neighborhood Below you’ll find the photos featuring a few of my favorite sights outside the Sugar and Scribe Bakery. The neighborhood made me feel like I was back home in NW Ohio visiting one of my favorite local restaurants just waiting for a friend to meet up. It appears I’ve become a house stalker over the past few years on social media. (giggle) outside seating

Enjoy The Patio

Favorite seating at Sugar and Script It was October and I’m from Ohio enjoying reminders of summer such as the sunshine, cool 70*F breeze and cozy surroundings on the patio. Everything from the cushions to the coffee cups with initials made me feel right at home.  This was the ULTIMATE outside dining experience because the weather was perfect, food was amazing and the seating was perfection.

The Food

As for the food, during the 6 days, we spent in La Jolla we had brunch at Sugar and Scribe Bakery 3 times!  Veggie Benedict featuring poached eggs and fresh greens is a dish I had twice during my stay.  A pastry to go is a definite must but good luck picking just one.

The Bakery

The menu is so delicious in the fine dining area I forgot that Sugar and Scribe is a bakery! Featured below are some of the cakes displayed during our visit.  There were so many goodies I had to make a stop at the bakery before heading to the airport to return home.

Where to Find Sugar and Scribe Bakery

Below you will find the Google Map to Sugar and Scribe Bakery located in cozy La Jolla California.

Sugar and Scribe Bakery: 7660 Fay Avenue I, La Jolla, CA 92037

In conclusion, here are the current links to active social media shares featured on Facebook and the current menu can be found on the creative website. Website: Sugar and Scribe Website

Good Morning From La Jolla

Below is a video I took of the little bird that would sit outside our patio each morning while staying in La Jolla.  The little sea creature was just so cute I had to share this with you!  My husband, I truly had one of the best experiences ever staying in La Jolla California.  I hope to share more with you in the near feature so please be sure to connect with me on my website for details. 

Let’s Connect

Do you have a favorite restaurant or bakery that has inspired you to create a recipe at home? Connect with me by leaving a comment on the contact page or in the post.

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