Benefits of Hydroponic Gardening

In this post I share some of the benefits of hydroponic Gardening.  This post is loaded with resources I’ve found useful over the years. I also share my personal images along with tips from my personal experience.

Introduction to Hydroponic

When we first started ‘growing fish’ in the conventional greenhouse the concept of growing plants in water became more of a reality to me.  We had added a 3’x12′ homemade fish tank to winter over tilapia fish. The ‘pond’ became a great asset to holding heat in the winter greenhouse . This set up also is a great watering source for plants.  A friend of mine showed me a vertical hydroponic garden he was using that was home made.  Using supplies you can find at a hardware store to construct an indoor water farm. The first thing that came to mind was what a great use of space in a greenhouse.  I have the grow your own with hydroponic FEVER! 

(Images coming soon)

Benefits of  Hydroponic Gardening

Hydroponics is a fast growing industry and is the future of gardening most believe. The ability to grow food without soil basically year-round is a resource anyone can do these days. Hydroponic systems are easy to find and cost efficient.  I have found basic grow systems on Amazon that come with a warrenty and delivered in 48 hours or less.  Hydroponic gardening can provide fresh organic food in small spaces.  The basic grow system takes up little to no space.

My Hydroponic Gardening Indoors

Over the last few years I’ve been using both a AeroGarden and iDoo Hydroponic Growing System indoors.  I love having green right at my finger tips during the winter months.  It is also wonderful to not have to worry about bugs in the soil.  I share more about my success with both the AeroGarden and the iDoo on my website.

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My favorite is the iDoo Hydroponic systems.  I started out with this one that you can find on Amazon for super cheap price.

A fellow garden blogger just published a book titled ‘Home Hydroponics’ that I absolutely love.  In the book Tyler Baras shares small space diy growing systems that really are DOABLE!  I wish I would have had this book a few years ago.  Everyone wanting to try hydroponics should get this book on Amazon before starting.  You will find a Salad Bowl DIY set up that is really cool.  Look for my personal review of this book on my website. 

Hydroponic Gardening Resources

There was a time when all I could find online was information for commercial growers.  Today there is plenty of current documentation for home gardeners.  Below is a list of articles I find useful for all stages of growing hydroponics.  You will find basic set up research and extensive details on the science of hydroponics. Each article is super useful so I can’t tell you which is my favorite! I do recommend checking them all out before diving into this adventure.

  • Grow with the Flow | New Hampshire University:https://extension.unh.edu/resource/grow-flow
  • Hold on to Summer at : Illinois Universityhttps://extension.illinois.edu/news-releases/hold-summer-home-hydroponics
  • Basic Home Hydroponics ( Michigan University:https://www.canr.msu.edu/news/basic-home-hydroponics-a-workshop-for-diy-enthusiasts
  • Greenhouse Hydroponics | Masshttps://ag.umass.edu/greenhouse-floriculture/fact-sheets/hydroponic-systems
  • Simple Hydroponics | Penn State https://extension.psu.edu/simple-hydroponics
  • A Brief Guide to Growing Food without Soil | Nevada University https://extension.unr.edu/publication.aspx?PubID=2756

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Do you hydroponic garden? Are you interested in learning more about this practice? I hope you will connect with me by sharing a comment below.  I hope to add more information on this subject in the months to come so subscribe to my newsletter for details.

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