Tinkering in the Garden with Todays Pickings

In this post I share a video and few images featuring the garden pickings from today.  I show and tell about the daylily blooms, mezoo succulent, figs and more.

The Garden with Todays Pickings VLOG

This video is some what of a how and tell today.  I had spent maybe an hour out in the dome greenhouse and then around the gardens picking.  The figs are getting super sweet today so the sun must be really doing its thing in the dome.   I can’t wait for you to see what I have done with this mezoo plant (trailing succulent) I’ve been growing since 2009.  My first plant was a gift from a gal at the Proven Winner (Four Star) greenhouse.  It is amazing I’ve been able to keep it alive that long in the greenhouse and now dome.  Watch my vlog below and be sure to tell me what you think about these goodies.

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This video can be found on my Bren Haas YouTube Channel.  If you have having issues viewing or would like to connect with me please do so here.

Pickings From The Garden Highlights

In the video I share a few of my favorite things so I figure I would list them here in case you missed it.   There is so much growing on this time of year with the amazing weather that it is hard to list all the pickings.   Don’t miss these and please consider adding them to your home garden collection:

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Let’s Connect

In conclusion of this post I hope you consider adding some of these garden pickings to your home.  My goal is to bring you more tips and tricks to make it fun in the garden.  Please consider sharing your story and thoughts with me below.

Happy Gardening,

Bren Haas

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