Things To Consider Before Purchasing a Chainsaw

Moving to the country made me jealous of the boys and their toys used to clean up large trees. After reviewing a few power tools in my home garden over the last few years it has come to my attention that having the right tool for the job is essential.  In this post, I will share things to consider before purchasing a chainsaw based on what helped me make my choice.

This Power Tool Rocks

I think my friend Geri Laufer who shared “armed and ready! this Gal packs heat”.  I LOVE IT… this tool ROCKS!  Purchasing from a reputable online store tops my list of things to consider before purchasing a chainsaw.  You can get one on Amazon at a great price!

Three Things To Consider Before Purchasing A Chainsaw

Things Considered Before Purchasing a Chainsaw
My first cut with the Husqvarna was like slicing butter!

Since 2003 I have been clearing overgrown trees, maintaining wood lines, and planting additional trees and shrub. During that time, I have relied on others who could easily complete tasks too large for me. It wasn’t until recently I found the confidence to pursue owning my own chainsaw. Before adding a chainsaw to my garden shed these were the things I considered before purchasing.

  1. Chainsaw Specs: The size and weight of the power tool.
  2. Additional expenses: fuel, oil, maintenance, blade sharping.
  3. The job: study and research the tree or shrub and if a power tool such as a chainsaw was needed.

Things To Considered Before Purchasing a Chainsaw

Husqvarna chainsaw in this post in exchange for an honest review of their site.  All the content featured on Things To Considered Before Purchasing a Chainsaw post is my honest opinion.  You can read more about my FAQs and my Disclosure Policy.  

As I was creating the Canva feature image this quote came up on the download button.  I felt it was fitting to share!

Do one thing every day that scares you – Eleanor Roosevelt 


Are you a chainsaw user or are you considering adding one to your garden shed?  I’d love to hear from you so comment below or reach out on my website.  I look forward to sharing more about products I recommend in future posts so be sure to bookmark my site.

Happy chainsawing,



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