The Most Flexible Tripod for v-logging Review

In this post, I share the portable and extremely flexible tripod that can be used with a phone, camera or Go Pro.  The Set featured on Amazon also comes with attachments for your favorite vlogging devices and a remote.

Portable Flexible Cell Phone Camera Tripod with Wireless Remote Review

In this video, I share why I love this new flexible tripod featured on Amazon.  Check out how easy it is to attach to even a doorknob!  I also share why I take this with me on the go for vlogging with my Nikon Camera. I take these tripod just about everywhere because it can literally stick or attach to anything allowing me to get that hard to reach angle.  Not to mention it works great for selfies.  Check out my video featuring the portable flexible cell phone camera tripod with the wireless remote review below:

This video is found on YouTube and shared on my favorite social media sites.  I’ve also done a review giving the product FIVE STARs on Amazon.


Here are a few things that make this tripod worth owning besides the fact that is it around $20!   In the photo below I show what the remote that comes with the package.  This is a great little addition to this kit because it is easy to connect with most any phone via wifi.  I added a hairband around the attachment at the top of the device so I could wear it around my wrist while out vlogging.


The product comes with super easy to read directions in ENGLISH!  There were some pointers on the handout I never thought of using my tripod to capture.

The really awesome thing about the tripod is the ball connector allowing the device to safely be positioned in just about any angle imaginable. The product is well made and I am not nervous to put my expensive smaller Nikon camera on the device.

In Conclusion

Interested in learning more about vlogging or just want to get this before they are gone?  Connect with me on my site with any questions you may have and be sure to order yours now on Amazon.

Happy V-logging,

Bren Haas

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