Snow In Summer Plant Details

In this post I share an oldie but goodie perennial called ‘Snow In Summer’.   I share a video and some tips from trusted garden experts.  It is going to be fun adding this to my rock garden collection.  Be sure to scroll down and see details on this post.

Snow In Summer Plant

What a great time my husband and I had out in the Lake Erie region this May.  It was our 29th wedding anniversary weekend and I this was the perfect place to celebrate.  After a late lunch we stopped by Bergman Orchard and that is where I found the ‘Snow In Summer’ Plant.  I share more about that in the video below.

Play Video about vlog about the plant

This video is part of my Bren Haas Channel Collection.  If you have trouble viewing this content please reach out to me on my website.

Snow In Summer Fun Facts

The white / silver foliage color makes the plant irresistible to me.  It reminds me of the annual I love named ‘Silver Falls’ ( Dichondra argentea) at first glance. Below are a few fun facts about the plant:

  • Blooms during the month of June
  • Does best in dry / sandy soil
  • Requires full sun
  • Outstanding foliage color

Reference About Snow In Summer

In the video I share a few websites that I personally trust.  You can find a complete list of extension office websites on my website.  Be sure to check out your state and search for information about plants you would like to grow.

The photos on the North Carolina Extension site give wonderful examples of where to plant.  You will notice the soil is very dry and yet the plant is in full bloom. It is hard to believe the plant is invasive in North Carolina.

  • NC Extension Site | Cerastium Tomentosum (Snow In Summer) https://plants.ces.ncsu.edu/plants/cerastium-tomentosum/
  • Illinois Extension Office | Snow in Summer  https://web.extension.illinois.edu/hortanswers/plantdetail.cfm?PlantID=542&PlantTypeID=6

I hope you consider this plant the next time you are out in the local garden centers.  Snow in Summer just maybe your favorite addition!

snow in summer perennial

If you would like to visit the garden center / orchard mentioned in this video check out the address below:

Bergman Orchards Address: 708 Bridge Rd, Lakeside Marblehead, OH 43440

Thank you for stopping by my website today! 

Let’s Connect

It has been so much fun sharing with you what I found about this plant.  I can’t wait to come back at a later date and share more.  FINGERS CROSSED with what I found out about the plant it will grow successfully in my home garden.  Be sure to bookmark my site to follow my updates.

Happy Gardening,

Bren Haas

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