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Chateau Tebeau Vineyard & Winery

Chateau Tebeau Vineyard & Winery  4.5/5 These days it has been nice to stay close to home and take in local attractions.  After traveling to many different wineries across the country it was surprising to find one so close to home that was comparable. In this post I share a video slide show along

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Autumn Blooming Montauk Daisy

Montauk Daisy Review

In this post I share a quick video highlighting the beautiful Montauk Daisy in a Review.  My readers will find images on this perennial along with growing tips. Montauk Daisy Review Video Other wise known as the Nippon, the  Montauk daisy plant is one of my favorites this time of year.  Showy white blooms on

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Pillow Case for Autumn Decorating Outdoors

Autumn Rustic Pillow Case Review

In this post I share a quick video and images featuring a creative way to dress up your porch for Autumn.  These are the Toland Rustic Autumn Pumpkin Pillow Cases. Creative Autumn Rustic Pillow Case Review This is the Toland  Rustic Pumpkins 18 x 18 Inch Outdoor, Pillow Case  (2-Pack). These are awesome because you

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Ember Wave Western Arborvitea | Late Summer

Ember Waves Western Arborvitae Review

This was my fifth year enjoying the amazing Ember Waves Western Arborvitae in my home garden. In this post I share a few images and video featuring this beautiful shrub at the end of summer.  I hope you scroll down and check out what I personally have to share about this shrub. Ember Waves Western

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Petchoa for Autumn Color

Petchoa Plant Are Perfect for Autumn Containers

In this post I share the new hanging baskets I put together using a plant called Petchoa.  You will see video along with a few unique growing tips below. Petchoa Plant in Autumn Hanging Baskets The petchoa plant in this basket is really making my front porch POP during the change of season.  I recently

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Main Entry to Cedar Point Park

My Trip To Cedar Point in Late Summer

In this post I share unique images and a video from my collection.   You will see footage from the last day of August 2021 from my visit to Cedar Point. Cedar Point 150 Years Video The video below is from a recent day trip to the theme park located along the Lake Erie Shore.  My

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long lasting blooms

Grand Cascade Butterfly Bush Review

In this post I share a video review of the Grand Cascade Butterfly Bush growing in my home garden.  Wait until you see the images featuring these giant lilac like blooms with a super fragrant scent.  Don’t miss growing tips and more for your easy to care for landscape. Grand Cascade Butterfly Bush Review It

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Colocasia (Elephant Ears) growing in my Garden

Elephant Ears Colocasia Growing in My Home Garden

In this post I share a few of my Elephant Ears (or Colocasia plant) growing in my home garden.  The video features what the plants look like in various conditions including growing in containers. Growing Elephant Ears (Colocasia) Video Join me as we check out a few gorgeous Elephant ears containers in the landscape.  This

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Mass Planting of Russian Sage

Russian Sage Pollinator Friendly In Home Gardens

In this post I share videos featuring Russian Sage in my home garden.  The video features two things I absolutely love – Bees and Perennials in my Ohio Garden!  Start out with my vlog featuring 2 varieties growing in my landscape.  I hope you will take a look below. Vlog Review From My Garden Check

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Spring Blooms from Chive Plants

Planting Chive in Your Home Garden

It’s Never Too Late To Plant Chives One of the most beautiful sites in the garden each spring is chive in bloom.  In the past two years, I discovered online that you can use the flowers of the chive in salads.  I have a large section of chive growing in the back raised bed area

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Mix Nasturtium Herb

How to Grow and Take Care of Nasturtium

In this post I share what we did with a free seed packet my son brought home from Lowes after making a lumber purchase. Check out my How to grow nasturtium seeds from Lowes video and images. Nasturtium Seeds From Lowes Video In the video I show what the nasturtium seeds grow to look like. 

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Tutsan Hypericum in My June Landscape

Tutsan Hypericum Androsaemum Review

In this post I share my Tutsan (Hypericum Androsaemum) in a personal review.  You’ll find video and images in this post sharing my personal experience with the plant. Tutsan Hypericum Androsaemum In My Landscape I’ll be honest, at first I really didn’t know what this plant was the 2nd year in my landscape.  I had

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