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How I Protect My Tulips from Deer In My Home Garden

In this post I share tips and tricks on How I Protect My Tulips from Deer In My Home Garden.  Be sure to check out the video feature below and product recommendations.

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How I Protect My Tulips from Deer In My Home Garden

In this video I take a quick walkabout my Spring garden in the evening.  During my walkabout I highlight some of the key places I grow my tulips to distract deer.  Check out how easy it is the walkabout with a spray to keep those tulips looking their best for the entire Spring season.

Play Video about Protecting Tulips From Deer Video

This video is a feature on my Bren Haas YouTube Channel.  I would appreciate the support and please subscribe if you are a YouTube member.

Bren Recommends

In the past I have used many different products to keep the critters out of the garden.  I always try to keep things organic.  Over the years there have been many new natural products added to the market that are super easy to order and use in the home garden.  The biggest thing to remember about using organic products such as pellets and sprays is you will have to reapply after rain or a week in the garden.  If you can make it a habit to go out and enjoy the flowers and give another application these products ARE THE BEST!  Below are the products I have used in my garden and you can get on Amazon or some garden centers locally.

Both of these recommendations you can find on Amazon Links provided in my post.

kitty in the tulips

You know me… I order mine on Amazon and have them delivered free within 2-3 days! 

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In conclusion of reading this post I hope you will take the time to leave a comment below.  Let me know what you think about keeping the deer out of your garden with the methods I mention.  I am always open to learn from others so share your tips and tricks with me as well.   Looking forward to seeing your garden packed with tulips in the seasons to come.

Happy Deer Free Tulips,

Bren Haas




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  1. For some reason the deer have left most of my tulips alone, even though I have a lot of them in my backyard (knock on wood). But, I was devastated last year to find that the deer dug up most of the new bulbs I had planted in the *front* yard. And…they are difficult to keep out of my vegetable garden! I’ve tried liquid fence and some others, but the only thing that seems to stop them is physical netting. I will definitely be keeping a close eye on things this year 🙂

    1. One time I used a net .. the deer totally tore it apart and trampled my plants. 🙁 Maybe that was just a ‘crazy day’. I’m so glad you stopped by Dana. Happy Spring to you and I hope all your bulbs bloom so you can share with us on Twitter!

    2. We had voracious deer at our last property. It sounds crazy and looks a bit odd but if u put Irish Spring or Coast soap on stakes about the height of the blooms, the deer will avoid them. My husband thought it was ridiculous but I got a kick out of the extra colour and it worked!

      1. I LOVE this idea Tracy – thank you for the tip and will try this ASAP! Bren

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