Protecting Tulips from Deer

My garden is surrounded by the perfect setting for wildlife to live with natural woods including the river running through the property. Although we love to have a passing deer in the meadow I don’t appreciate their love for my tulips in the spring.  Last year I was so sad to find many of my new varieties of tulips had been nibbled down to the mulch by deer.  I knew it was deer because I could see their hoof marks in the soft ground surrounding the landscape.  This year I’m not going to let this happen to my tulips.

My Tulips Show 2013

There are many different products and method for keeping deer out of the home garden.  I like to use the organic methods that have worked successfully in the past as long as they are applied  correctly.   Liquid Fence and Haveahart both have great eco-friendly deer repellent that work great but in this raining season I find the pellets from Animal Stopper works wonderful.

Deer Repellent - and it is organic

I’m going to do my best to keep an eye on the tulips this year and keep applying these pellets as needed because I’m looking forward to sharing with you all the new tulips I planted this past Autumn.

Do you have issues with deer in your garden?  Please share with me what you do to keep them out of the flowers.

Signed Bren Haas

6 thoughts on “Protecting Tulips from Deer”

  1. For some reason the deer have left most of my tulips alone, even though I have a lot of them in my backyard (knock on wood). But, I was devastated last year to find that the deer dug up most of the new bulbs I had planted in the *front* yard. And…they are difficult to keep out of my vegetable garden! I’ve tried liquid fence and some others, but the only thing that seems to stop them is physical netting. I will definitely be keeping a close eye on things this year 🙂

    • One time I used a net .. the deer totally tore it apart and trampled my plants. 🙁 Maybe that was just a ‘crazy day’. I’m so glad you stopped by Dana. Happy Spring to you and I hope all your bulbs bloom so you can share with us on Twitter!

    • We had voracious deer at our last property. It sounds crazy and looks a bit odd but if u put Irish Spring or Coast soap on stakes about the height of the blooms, the deer will avoid them. My husband thought it was ridiculous but I got a kick out of the extra colour and it worked!

  2. That’s the one lucky thing about living close to a city is I don’t have to worry to much about critters eating my flowers. Also, I love the picture of your cat with the tulips!!

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