Powerful Gas Alternative Leaf Blower Review

It’s time to grab the rakes and power up the leaf blowers to do some weekend autumn chores.  In this post I will introduce you to the most powerful gas alternative leaf blower in a product review.

What I Love Most

The leaves are finally down on the large oak and ginkgo tree in my large landscape garden I can see from the front porch of our home.  This area is a must to clean up because it doesn’t get as much wind like some other other areas of my property.

Powerful Gas Alternative Leaf Blower Review

You know it is quiet when my Boo Kitty doesn’t run and hide the minute you power it up! ( look close in the image above where Boo is sitting about 20 feet out next to the pine tree.) 

What I love most about this 80 Volt Cordless Leaf Blower by GreenWorks is the power! I can take care of the leaves in this 150’x80′ area after it has snowed (which means the leaves are heavy) with one battery charge. My husband was so impressed with the power of this tool that he bought one.

About the Leaf Blower

The 80 Volt Cordless Leaf Blower is lite weight and I can do most of the work with one hand – even with carpal tunnel! I feel so old admitting that too you so let’s keep that between you and I.

Autumn Leaf Blower video on YouTube by me!

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Let’s Connect

Are you done raking leaves for the year? I’d love to hear what works in your landscape for leaf removal.  Leave a message on my contact page or reach out on social media.

Happy Leaf Blowing,

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