How to Start Tomato Plants From Seed

It is the middle of Winter season here in my home garden and I’m super anxious to start planting.  Today I’m starting a container variety of tomato plants to go under my LED lights so I can easily move the mature plant to my geodesic bio dome to grow until it is warm enough to put the container out on my kitchen patio.   Over the years I have learned some pretty cool tips on how to start tomatoes and today I’m going to share with you what works for me.

How to Start Tomato Plants From Seed

Check out this video featuring how I start tomatoes from seed in the early spring.  This is where it is important to know your last frost date unless you can protect your tomato plants in a greenhouse or indoors under LED lights.   I recommend checking your USDA hardiness zone for details on frost dates.   The really cool think about growing tomatoes from seed (which you will see in the video) is that you will have more of a variety of plants to pick from.  Garden Centers can not carry every tomato on the market.   Check out the video… ask me questions because I am happy to help.

Video at Creative Living & Growing with Bren Youtube.


Be sure to gather all your supplies before starting the DIY project because it makes everything come together so much easier.  Below is a list of simple supplies you will want to have at your table before beginning.  REMEMBER: you don’t have to be all fancy with supplies… I use some recycled goodies for my seed starting projects as well.



  • seed starting soil
  • seed starting containers/tray
  • tweezers
  • plate to put seeds
  • water
  • light ( optional LED Lights )

The video in this post gives step by step on how to start the tomato seeds. It’s going to be fun watching these seeds grow and produce healthy organic tomatoes my family will love.

It Won’t Be Long 

Do you grow tomatoes in your home garden?  I’d love to hear if you start them from seed or maybe you purchase starter plants at your local garden center.  Let’s Connect – leave a comment or question in the section below.
Happy Gardening,

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  1. I do both. I just built a 4×4 garden bed an i also have a 72 pod covered greenhouse in my den that I just planted tomatoes, cucumbers an carrots from seed.. I planted small bought tomatoes plants in my 4×4

    • I want to do more carrots in the garden this year… you grow a great selection of veggies. Thank you for sharing Susie!


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