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Seed Starting Trip

Starting Your First Home Garden From Seed

One of the most rewarding thing a person can do is grow something from seed.  In this post I share a few tips on starting your first home garden from seed.  You will find a video and images to get you going! Starting Your First Home Garden From Seed   My sister in law sent

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Tomatoes From Seed

How to Start Tomato Plants From Seed

It is the middle of Winter season here in my home garden and I’m super anxious to start planting.  Today I’m starting a container variety of tomato plants to go under my LED lights so I can easily move the mature plant to my geodesic bio dome to grow until it is warm enough to

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collection of recycles to use in seed starting

My Favorite Recyclables For Seed Starting

Today I am going to share with you some of my favorite recyclables  to start a  garden by sowing seeds.  You will find images of my favorite recyclables I use to sow seeds. I hope you get a few ideas on just how easy it really is to grow an edible and flower garden. Recyclables

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How To Start Tomatoes from Seed

Growing a tomato plant can be rewarding not only because of the varieties available but it is easy! In this post I share how to grow healthy tomato plants from seed.  Be sure to check out the videos in this post for details.  Find tomatoes I recommend in this post as well. Healthy Tomato Plants

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Rised Bed Gardening

Starting A Spring Garden From Seed with Children

Starting a Garden From Seed with Children is the most rewarding thing you can do. Spring is the time to get outside as a family. Is there any other Spring activity that brings a family together then to garden? Starting A Garden From Seed with Children Over the years I’ve learned that starting a garden

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