The coolest thing about living in Ohio is we get to experience the four seasons.  I love it when it snows and I can still keep on gardening. The not so cool thing is most everything dies or goes dormant for the winter and you can’t grow anything outside in the garden.  In this post, I share my growing year-round adventure in the Geodesic Bio-Dome.

The Adventure Begins

So what is it like to Growing Year-Round: New Adventure in a Geodesic Bio-Dome?  In this post, I hope to share some links with you so you can experience this journey with me.

A few years back I was inspired by home gardeners online who were growing in greenhouses and I decided to give it a try.  The greenhouse we built in our garden is amazing and I’ve learned so much since 2009 about gardening and myself.  My kit greenhouse cannot be purchased any longer. Nothing upsets me more than to have a fellow gardener say “You are so lucky… I wish I had one of those greenhouses”.   I have added a new structure to our garden that ANYONE with a backyard and sunshine can build.

Excited to Grow Veggies and Share Online

If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook you know I’m a huge fan of Scot from a popular gardening site.  Shares about the veggies he grows totally cracks me up!  When I saw his share about growing in his friend Clint’s dome I have to admit I was a little jealous.  I’ve seen those structures online before and they are WAY OUT OF my price range.

I couldn’t believe how inexpensive this design is… I could do this and so can you!  

Find The Perfect Location

We had to think of the location that gets the most sunshine on our property.  I was kind of thrown when hubby suggested the back meadow.  For years he has been mowing back there and I always dreamed of it being a place to grow flowers not to mention more food.  Around the meadow is woods that are bordered with wild red and black raspberries that the deer enjoy getting into.   This is the perfect location to start a new adventure in growing.

Where to Begin

The base of a 20 foot geodesic bio dome

We are building the 20′ Geodesic Bio-Dome Greenhouse in this meadow just behind the apple trees is a space roughly  120′ by 80′.

More Photos Soon

The supplies needed for your own geodesic biodome/greenhouse is pretty basic.  Lowes Home Improvement had a 10% off discount coupon.  The sales folks were taking bets before we arrived to what we were building.  None of them had guessed a Geodesic Bio Dome but they sure were interested in hearing more.

More Soon

I was sold the minute I saw this full-length glass storm door with a pull-down screen.

stain for the wood

Hubby and the gal at Home Depot created their own stain color to go on the wood used in this project.  The first 4 years the outside frame held up great but now it is time to renovate and create a new way to hold the amazing wrap on this structure.  Stay tuned for updates on DomeLife tags featured on this website.

More Soon

Hubby sketched out the base so I could have visual… trying to decide where the entrance will be located.

Ready – Set – Build

I’m so excited to share with you the adventures of building your own greenhouse. It will be a dream to grow out of season.  You can follow the conversation (images, videos, and more) by following me on social media @brenhaas and the hashtag #growing4seasons

Let’s Connect

Are you thinking about growing year-round or do you already do so in a structure? I’d love to connect with you and learn more about what you are growing so please connect with me by commenting below.

Bren Haas

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