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Geodesic Bio Dome December Update

Geodesic Bio Dome in December

In this post I share my Geodesic Bio Dome December Update.  Video and images from todays experience in the dome are featured here.

Geodesic Bio Dome December Update Video

Play Video about December 2 update

This video is part of my Geodesic Bio Dome experience.  I document this information on my website under dome categories. This video is also part of my Bren Haas YouTube Channel.

Geodesic Bio Dome December Images & Highlights

It has been an amazing autumn considering we have had snow and days above 50*F.  Today was a super windy day but the sun came out in the afternoon to heat up the geodesic bio dome.  Everything is doing amazing in that grow space.   Below are a few of my favorite things from todays experience.

Buddy Kitty Plays in the Grass
Coolest Cat - Its December and He is Playing in the Grass!

Geodesic Bio Dome Posts

Please consider checking out some of my other post on this site featuring the dome.   The structure was built in 2015 and there is so much excitement to share.

Thank you for checking out my website today!

Let’s Connect

It has been my pleasure to share with you my growing experience in the Geodesic Bio Dome.  I am considering doing an entry like this at least twice a week just to keep you posted on what is growing on.  This is your opportunity to ask me more about this structure and growing experience.

Bren Haas

8 Responses

  1. Hi Bren, LOVED your tour of the Dome! Merry Christmas from one Ohioan to another! Marcia

    1. Hey Marcia – thank you so much for commenting on my blog. I’ll share the decorations from the dome later this week so I hope you stop by the blog again. Merry Christmas to you too!

  2. Hi Bren! I love the dome greenhouse concept! We are in the concept stages ourselves for our outdoor garden and I’m curious where you got your dome from?

    1. The dome is home made and I highly recommend you consider doing this. Everything to build a structure like this can be found at your local hardware store (like Menards, Home Depot or Lowes). The really cool thing about building your own is you can make it EXACTLY how you want it. My advice after growing year-round in this dome since 2015 and a 10’x12′ greenhouse since 2009 is DO NOT go smaller than at 20 foot geodesic bio dome! I hope to hear more from you soon. Be sure to stop back to my site and ask questions anytime.

  3. Your dome is amazing and so is your plant collection. I enjoy all your video adventures.

  4. I love the dome idea also. You recommend designing your own. However, I don’t know where to start. Can you share some of the details of your design? I realize it’s Christmas time and things are hectic. So whenever you have a chance I would greatly appreciate whatever you are willing to share.

    1. Hey Sonya – thank you so much for commenting on my blog today. I will do my best to help you decide if I dome is for you. As I state on my shares about growing in a geodesic bio dome – I HIGHLY recommend building your own. There are many reasons for this and I hope to cover all that in the weeks to come. Please be sure to stay tune for updates by bookmarking my site. I do have an email list if you are interested in joining it. bren@brenhaas.com or http://brenhaas.com/newsletter

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