Gardens of Awe and Folly | Meet Author Vivian Swift

Out of all the books I’ve enjoyed under the category ‘gardening’ this book truly captures the essence of a treasured growing space.  ‘Gardens of Awe and Folly : A traveler’s journal of the meaning of life and gardening’ will captivate anyone who enjoys the outdoors and appreciates the art found within the journey through a garden.  Gardens of Awe and Folly | Meet Author Vivian Swift

Meet The Author

This video on YouTube at : Meet Vivian Swift : Author and Illustrator

The Author and Her Art

This is a collage from Vivian’s adorable blog.  She shared with during the presentation linked above that she works in very small ‘snack like’ sizes when creating the artwork for her publications.  This really inspired me.  Sometimes you think you have to work HUGE to get the message across but this Illustrator shows different.  Please stop by her blog at 

Vivan Swift Artwork

From the authors site at : Vivian Swift Blog.

Let’s Connect

It was an honor to connect with Vivian Swift and hear about her journey traveling to gardens.  To view her interpretation as a non-gardener really opened my eyes to way I paint my landscape images with plants. If you were unable to join us I share a video highlighting the interview and a podcast that will be linked on this page of my site.  Until next time I hope you will comment on my site so we can connect.

Happy Gardening,



2 thoughts on “Gardens of Awe and Folly | Meet Author Vivian Swift”

  1. I am happy to have all 3 of Vivian’s books:) And I have a TRISCUIT!
    She is a natural ..public speaking..very at ease Vivian!
    LOL mulching and growing zones..the reality show:)I do recognize the originals.
    Vivian thank you for being so generous with your tutorials..
    You do have good handwriting and it is unique.
    Fun to hear you humble!
    Had no idea how much work designing a font was.
    Thank you!


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