How to Create A Quick Podcast using Anchor App

Have you ever had something that you just had to use audio to share with folks to really get the message out?  Well today I’m going to share with you how you can create a quick podcast using Anchor App.

What is Anchor

Anchor first arrived on mobile in early 2017 and has shared by some of the leading influencers.  Read more about Anchor on their official website at .  You will be creating quick podcast in no time!

  • The platform is 100% free (as of now) you just have to know a few basic things about the app to produce your content.  In this post I hope to share just a few tips from what I learned to hopefully get you started.
  • Easy way to get your podcast on leading podcast services.
  • Help you make podcast social with the easy sharing options on all the top social media sites.
  • Share your transcripts and videos easier with the Anchor app.
  • Podcast ANYWHERE… as long as you have your mobile device with you!
  • Built in analytics – easy to read and follow!

How to Create A Quick Podcast

This video on my YouTube channel at Bren Haas.

Basic Steps on How to Create A QUICK Podcast

Below are a few quick steps on how to create a quick podcast easily.

  1. Download Anchor onto your mobile device.  Search Anchor and look for their avatar in the app store.

    anchor in app store

    Anchor in Apple Store

  2. Set up your account on the anchor app or website.  It is easier to set up using your desktop.  You will want to enter your website information and a current image of yourself or logo of your show.
  3. Sign in using the app to create your first show.   Please note that you can easily upload content that has been edited on the website but it can be a little complicated for beginners.  I recommend just diving in and creating a quick little podcast share on the mobile app. my iPhone anchor
  4. Be sure to use SEO rules when filling out your description and and creating a podcast name.  You want to use the same name you use across your social media platforms.  If you already have an established podcast ( like I do) on another network DO NOT name this podcast the same.   I’m going to use my anchor for little teases about what is going on in my world to direct listeners to my website for the latest information.

The Latest From Bren Haas on Anchor

Below is my latest quick podcast using anchor.   I’ve only made a few of these but I love the possibilities especially if you are a person who doesn’t like to be featured on video.  I have those days too! 


found at:

Let’s Connect

Please share with me by commenting on this blog post if you have used the Anchor App. Have you ever thought you might want to create a quick podcast? Do you like it?  If you have questions about the app I will do my best to answer your questions.  If you are interested in having me work with you to set up an account and do a quick tutorial with you one on one please contact me below.   Be sure to note you would like to schedule a 30 minute session with me.

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