I woke up at 4 a.m. and couldn’t get back to sleep because all I could think about was the weather forecast showing I had until 2 p.m. ET when the rain would begin and the cold winter weather would be moving into my neck of the woods.  Here comes #astro to my garden. I had from sunrise till 2 p.m. ET to get 300 bulbs in the ground and I did it!

Ready – Set – Plant—–

ready to plant in Autumn Gear

Before heading out to the garden I had my favorite tools which include a hand fork, hand shovel, and bulb planter.  I like to dump the bulbs out of the storage bags and into a basket so I can inspect the bulbs before planting.  The soil is pretty dry this time of year so I was sure to wear my gardening gloves for adding mulch after the bulbs are planted.

New Row of Hydrangea Limelights 2014

Newly Planted Limelight Shrubs

I planted 100 large daffodil bulbs in the new landscape area where the Limelight Hydrangea was planted in late September.  Not a fan of those yard reflectors but I will be adding a few along the stone and landscape so visiting guests don’t miss the driveway and run over my hydrangeas.  I think the shrubs will do better on their own in a few years judging by the size of my other shrubs that are over five years old in my other gardens.

Tips on Planting

  • Be sure to dig a big enough hole – follow directions on the breeders website or package.
  • Mulch the area you planted well.
  • WATER …. bulbs can dry out if you don’t have a wet autumn season causing them to die.
  • No need to rush when planting.  You can plant bulbs until the ground freezes.  In my area ( hardiness zone 5b) that is usually in late December.

Hiding the Tulips

tool for bulb planting

Over the years I’ve learned to plant spring bulbs next to perennials that will hide the plant as it dies back in late spring / early summer. These are miniature doubling tulips that I planted under the plumbago ground cover.  This will be a perfect addition because these tulips will be done blooming by the time the plumbago starts to show new growth in late May.

I’m Growing Puppies

Bulbs ready to go in ground

Growing bulbs in the spring, forcing them in the winter, what to look for in a bulb you are purchasing and more.

Let’s Connect

After checking out this post what do you think about growing a garden with bulbs?  I would love for you to reach out on my websitee to tell me more.

Happy Bulb Planting,

Bren Haas

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