The Baltimore Oriole’s Have Arrived

While out sharing a periscope this dreary May morning I open the door out to the kitchen patio garden to find a beautiful male Baltimore Oriole singing in the honey locus tree.  After listening to his courting song for a few minutes I decided to move my feeder back in this garden with hopes I can get a photo from my sun room window.   Who knows, maybe I will be lucky and get a photo of both the mail and female bird.

Listen to the Oriole as he enjoys my kitchen patio garden in NW Ohio.

Watch this video and others on Creative Living and Growing With Bren on Youtube.

Baltimore oriole

Baltimore Oriole : photo credit to Corell Lab

The male Baltimore Oriole is a distinct whistling sound that according to are a herald of springtime in eastern North America. The flute like sound has a full, rich tone that the male sings only in the spring to let other birds know this is his breeding territory. The female Baltimore Oriole also sings. Her shorter songs may be communications with her mate. Occasionally, mated pairs may sing a duet.

I’ve heard the bird in my garden many time and seen him way up in the Bald Cyprus tree in my front garden near the pond.  The neighbor who puts out many my feeder talks about the bird visiting her bird feeder.  I really believe the reason this creature was down so low in the tree so I could see it was because of the feeder I recently put out in the garden.  The Oriole loves ORANGE bird feeders and you have to put the syrup in the container just like the humming birds enjoy only different color.  I recommend the First Nature 32 Oz. bird feeder because it is colorful and it was super easy to refill and clean.

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