The Baltimore Oriole In My Home Garden

 Baltimore Oriole on feederIn this post I share a quick clip of the Baltimore Oriole Singing in My Garden. You will find the video here and information on how to welcome them to your home garden.

The Baltimore Oriole Has Arrived Video

In this video you can listen to the Oriole as he sings in my kitchen patio here in NW Ohio.

Watch this video and others on my Bren Haas YouTube Page.

In My Garden

To enhance habitat for migratory birds such as the Baltimore oriole we have space where native plants grow such as dogwood and viburnums.  The bird also enjoys the poison ivy and Virginia creepers vine berries in the Autumn.  I guess that is ONE give thing about Poison Ivy! YIKES!   The orioles favorite bird feeder can be found in my garden weeks before the last frost date.  Check out my video featuring a neat feeder for the bird!

Oriole and Orange

What is the deal with that bird and Orange? Expert bird fans say that timing and patience are important when attracting orioles. If their supplies are not available when birds first move into your area in spring, then you may not be able to attract them all summer. Place your feeders out where birds can see them early.

Researches To Find Out More can be found on the links below.  I encourage you to check out your local extension office for more details on what birds can be found in your garden.

  • Nebraska University: https://lancaster.unl.edu/pest/resources/BaltimoreOriole.shtml
  • Purdue: https://www.extension.purdue.edu/extmedia/FNR/FNR_401_W.pdf

The Oriole Feeder

This bird came to my garden once I put out the correct feeder.  The bright orange bird loves this feeder.  I recommend the Oriole Feeders you can find on Amazon to welcome them to your garden. The feeder in the photo below can be found on Amazon at: https://amzn.to/2ykwYGn   I read that the Baltimore Oriole can feed with ease by providing nectar feeders with perches. This will allow orioles to take a seat and enjoy their sugary treats!

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