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Spring at Natures Corner Garden Center

Spring has arrived at Nature’s Corner Garden Center in Toledo Ohio.  In today post I am sharing some of the unique products that caught my eye.  Find location and other gardening tips on this post. Spring at Nature’s Corner Garden Center This post features images from my spring visit to this garden center (IGC).  One

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Kink Kitty in the Hydrangeas

Two Incredible Hydrangeas For Home Gardens

In this post you will find a video review featuring two of my incredible hydrangeas for home gardens.  Check out the Incrediball Hydrangea and the Invincibelle Spirit I’ve been growing in my home garden for over 10 years. Video and images featuring growing tips you won’t want to miss. Two Hydrangeas PERFECT For Home Gardens

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Puppy and Loads of Hostas To Garden

Dividing and Moving Hostas in The Summer Home Garden

In this post, I am sharing how I have successfully dig and move perennial hostas in my home garden.  You will find images, videos, and tips for multiplying you’re perennial quickly. The Dig Its always good to have the right tools on hand when doing a plant dig.  You want to get as deep as

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Hoen’s Garden Center Autumn Shopping

In this post, I share an Autumn Shopping Trip to Hoen’s Garden Center.  I’ve not been to this location in 2020 due to Covid19 concerns.  It was a wonderful escape into Plant Autumn Happy BLISS!  Seriously… left all the worlds troubles behind while looking at these inspiring and very healthy plants. Hoen’s Garden Center Autumn

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colorful tray of plants

Late May Garden Center Visit

Join me for a GardenChat about the plants I brought home to support locals during a garden center visit. In this post you will see the live stream that was shared on the GardenChat group.  New plants I’ll be adding to my garden that you won’t want to miss! GardenChat About Garden Center Visit Join

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Green Giant Tag Information

Exploring the Green Giant Arborvitae In Brens’ Home Garden

In today’s post, I am sharing fun information about the Thuja ‘Green Giant’ arborvitae growing in my landscape. This shrub was one of 4 I received for an unboxing project that turned into a conifer experiment. Green Giant Arborvitae In Brens’ Garden The Thuja standishii x plicata ‘green giant’  arborvitae This wispy 3 feet tall

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Opening Box with New Star Plants

New Star Roses & Plants in my Home Garden 2019

I am so excited to share with you today’s video blog featuring NEW PLANTS by Star Roses & Plants. Check out what it is like to get a box with magnificent new plants that are NEW on the market. Opening NEW Star Roses & Plants for 2019! This video can be found on my youtube

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Black Diamond Garden Center

Black Diamond Garden Center Spring Visit Photo Collection

Black Diamond Garden Center is a favorite garden center of mine and I’ve visited it often after it first open in 2003 in Perrysburg, Ohio. Black Diamond Garden Center Spring Visit Photo Collection post will make you want to travel to NW Ohio to take a look for yourself. This post is part of my

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Seed Starting After Visiting Local Nursery

In this post I want to share with you what was going on April 28, 2015 in my garden shed.  Enjoy photos of seed starting ideas and unique seeds to grow that I found at a local garden center. Garden Center Visit Local garden centers are usually a great place to find the perfect selection

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rosemary in container

Perennial Herbs in Your Home Garden

In this post I share some herbs that are perennial and PERFECT for almost any home garden.  Enjoy the images and my personal growing advice today. It’s Spring It’s Spring .. kind of sort of! It’s hard to identify with what is normal after the crazy winters we’ve had over the past few years.  Spring

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using a QR code

How QR Codes Can Help You In The Garden

Have you seen those funny-looking barcode squares on packages in the garden center?  Today I am going to share with you how QR codes can help you in the garden. In The Garden with Bren Earlier today I was a little frustrated because I couldn’t get a QR code to read while shopping at a

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