My Red, White and Blue Rose Garden

It is important to me to have a Patriotic USA flag hanging on my home. In this post, I share my red, white and garden and how you can put one together in your home garden.

Red, White, and Blue

Red, White and Blue Garden Update
White Iceberg Rose

My red, white and blue themed garden just outside the mudroom of our home has changed a few times over the years.  Below are a few of the plants I have used in this themed garden.


Red, White and Blue Garden Update
Red Carpet Rose Planted in 2010

I have replaced the white climber two times.  After losing my third climbing rose in this location I decided it was because of the variety.  The red carpet rose in this same garden does wonderfully with little to no maintenance. With a few basic rose care tips and adding the right variety, you can grow amazing roses.

Rose Garden Tips 

  1. Cut back the roses and let rose hips form for winter.
  2. remove all dead leaves from the base of the plant.
  3. Apply mulch to protect the rose during the winter months.
  4. Think about spring-blooming bulbs you may want to grow around the rose because now is the time to plant.

Read more about my Red, White and Blue Garden . I love sharing my Red, White and Blue Garden Update so be sure to subscribe to my site so you can read more about the rose I grow and information I find out from fellow rosarians.

Blue Ground Cover

eratostigma, or leadwort, plumbago,

I am a huge fan of this eratostigma, or leadwort, plumbago. I have had this perennial growing in this location for over 10 years.  The key to growing plumbago successfully is to leave it be in the spring until it starts to show some green.  Once the green starts to show you can get in there and prune back the dead from winter.

White In The Garden

Perhaps the most fragrant addition to this garden was a moonflower vine that climbs the trellis.  The bloom can take a few months to finally arriving but the attractive vine and huge scented white blooms are well worth the wait.  The seeds I used were given to me so you can’t beat the price.  I will most likely grow this vine in the years to come only start indoors early so hopefully, the blooms come sooner.

Patriotic in the Garden

This video is on my YouTube channel.

Photo Collection of Red, White and Blue in The Garden

Just Can’t get enough.. more photos of the red, white and blue theme.
Red White and Blue Plants
This collection is on my FLICKR PRO account.

Let’s Connect

I would love to hear about how you share your USA spirit in the garden.  Comment on this blog post or visit my contact page to share more.

In Memory of 911,


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