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How I Grow Spider Plants Outdoors

Spider Plant in The Landscape

In this post I share tips and tricks on growing spider plants outdoors.  You will see a video or two and plenty of images for ideas.  Be sure to scroll down for additional information on this easy to grow plant.

Spider Plants In The Landscape Video

You can’t just keep this plant ‘singular’ when writing about it because it becomes ‘plural’ so quickly in the right conditions.  The plant commonly known as a houseplant is really amazing outdoors and because of that I share how I grow mine here in Ohio.  Check out the video below:

The video can be found on my Bren Haas Channel features on YouTube and other.  Be sure to follow my blog by visiting often so you will see the latest growing tips and more.

Spider Plants Outdoor Fun Facts

It is no surprise that they spider plants are one of the top plants to use in offices because of their growth habits. First I want to note how in the beginning it is nerve racking thinking about losing such a beautiful plant if set outside.  However, the plant comes from the tropics when you really think about it.  The humid and bright light conditions are perfect for this variety.   

Spider Plant Container in Landscape

Second I want to note that Spider plant (Chlorophytum comosum) is a member of the lily family that produces a cluster of foot-long leaves from a crown of fleshy roots making it fun to grow in the ground as well as in containers. 

Spider Plant and Petunia Combo

In brief, spider plant are unique because it produces “spiders,” or offsets when growing in the right conditions.

The plant can be sensitive to high fluoride levels so do not water with city water rather rain water or well water.  Don’t forget to repot the plants in fresh potting soil, fertilize with a high grade liquid fertilizer if you start to see yellow tips on the plant leaves.If you had fun or are curious about growing spider plants after reading this post you may enjoy a few others on my website. 

Mums and Spider Plants

The plant does amazing outdoors and in my dome greenhouse!

The video above shows the variegated spider plant after a long summer OUTDOORS in Ohio.

Be sure to click over and check out the following shares and be sure to tell me what you think by commenting..

Blue Petunia and Spider Plant
Petunia Planting with Spider Plants
Garden Spider
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In conclusion of seeing how I grow this amazing plant I do hope you consider growing one of your own.  Don’t be worried about killing the plant because it really is very resilient in most growing situations especially in Ohio.

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