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Last Day of September in the Dome Greenhouse

Here come cooler temperatures in my garden. In this post, I share the Last Day of September in the Dome Greenhouse Last Day of September in the Dome Greenhouse Video In this video, I tried my hardest to share what it is like to have a dome greenhouse.  It really is a magical place to

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growing citrus

Creative Growing Citrus in a Greenhouse During Summer Heat

Everything about the 20-foot geodesic biodome greenhouse is AMAZING! In today’s post, I share a growing update featuring summer and citrus growing. After leaving for five days when the summer heat hit my area. Be sure to check out the video and creative images featuring the citrus highlighted in today’s post. Summer Citrus Growing Video

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Black Diamond Garden Center

Black Diamond Garden Center Spring Visit Photo Collection

Black Diamond Garden Center is a favorite garden center of mine and I’ve visited it often after it first open in 2003 in Perrysburg, Ohio. Black Diamond Garden Center Spring Visit Photo Collection post will make you want to travel to NW Ohio to take a look for yourself. This post is part of my

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Growing Citrus

Growing Healthy Citrus in Your Home Garden

When I look back on my years of gardening I would have NEVER imagined I would be growing citrus in Ohio.  In today’s post, I share my story on how I recommend growing healthy citrus in your home garden. Growing Healthy Citrus My very first citrus shrub that was gifted from the owner of Black

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Landscape March Art

Landscape Tips For A Warm Day in March

When it hits 70*f in early March we are truly blessed.  This really is a day to relax and ENJOY the weather because there isn’t much you can do.  It is super tempting to get in there and clean some beds: at least the beds you can walk in.  In todays post I share a

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Flashlight in Garden Night

Join Me For A Silly Flashlight Garden Tour

In this post, I get a little silly and take you all for a walk in my evening garden.  Join me for a Flashlight Garden Tour. Flashlight Garden Tour V-log This is totally different – random is normal for me but this was way out there!  I even do a ‘scary monster’ flashlight laugh.  Be

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Pink Wreath with Dried Hydrangeas

How to Dry and Preserver Hydrangea Flowers

One of the most beautiful blooms commonly found in home gardens is from the Hydrangea shrub. In today’s post learn how to dry and preserve the hydrangea flowers. How to Dry and Preserve Hydrangea Flowers In the video below I share how to dry and preserver hydrangea flowers. You can grow these flowers easily in

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Colorful Lemonade Drink

Mint Grapefruit Lemonade Recipe

The warmer weather is upon us so it is time to stock up the refrigerator and pantry with those extra ingredients needed for some new spins on traditional summer beverages. In this post I share my yummy mint grapefruit lemonade recipe that is super easy to make.  Have you tried growing your own citrus yet? 

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