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Dahlia Grow From Tubers

Starting Dahlia From Tubers 2022 VLOG

This past Autumn I was extremely lazy when storing my Dahlia tubers.  In this vlog I share my story and how exciting this time of year is for Dahlia growing.  Check out the video and images below.  Don’t forget to scroll down to the bottom of the post to ask questions. Starting Dahlia From Tubers

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Starting Dahlia Plants in Containers

Starting Dahlia Plants in Containers

In this post, I will share a few videos, images and details on how to start Dahlia plants in containers.  This process is one I’ve been using since 2010 successfully.   Starting Dahlia Plants in Containers In the video below I share what is going on in my greenhouse and how I will be starting

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Golden Dahlia in the Cut Flower Garden

Starting Dahlias For My Summer Home Garden 

In this post I will be sharing how to start dahlia tubers for my home garden. Starting Dahlias for My Summer Home Garden When I saw my first dinner plate dahlia at the small garden center I worked at in 2006 I remember thinking I could never grow that. I’m frantically looking for a photo

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Cheap Seed Starting Project

Cheap Seed Starting

In this post I share a short vlog (video) featuring my first ever dahlia seed starting indoors.  You will see a video with how to start cheap seeds easily indoors.  Scroll down to find more tips on my blog post today.

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new varieites

New Dahlias for 2021

Images from Dutch Bulbs Website In this post I share a quick video featuring the new dahlias I am adding to my collection.   You will see a tuber planting tips and more. New Dahlias for 2021 Video It is super easy to start your own dahlia collection for your home garden.  You can treat them

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Handful of Dahlias and Roses After Frost

Roses VS. Dahlias in The Autumn Home Garden

Pink Dahlia in Autumn Roses and Dahlias in the Landscape Puppy Love Bouquet Red Rose and Dahlias Autumn Previous Next Dahlias are a beautiful companion plant for the rose shrub. In this post, we discuss roses vs. dahlias in the autumn home garden. Dahlias VS Roses In The Autumn Home Garden Chances are if you

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Dahlia Landscape

Planting Dahlias in Your Summer Landscape

The blooms on the Dinner Plate Dahlias can be intimidating at the garden centers; trust me! Every year I would admire them when I worked at a garden center thinking I could never grow that! In this post, I show how easy it is to grow these beautiful plants and how to overcome that fear.

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entrance sign to park

A Visit to Dahlia Hill in Midland, Michigan

In today’s post, I share a little about the amazing summer garden that changed the way I grow flowers. First of all, I couldn’t get over how many varieties of one plant in one location. Above all, I hope you enjoy A Visit to Dahlia Hill in Midland, Michigan. This is truly where I fell in

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broom corn in bouquet

How to Grow Broom Corn

One of my favorite things to grow that I use to decorate with is broom corn. In this post I share some basic tips and tricks on how to grow broom corn.

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Landscape Outside Front Door

In My Morning Landscape

In this post I share a Morning Landscape featuring plants I highly recommend.  You will see a short video and details on these plants.  Scroll down to find out more about growing in your hardiness zone.

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Sunflower From 2021


On this page you will find my Gallery of unique images from day to day living.  Be sure to scroll through and get the details on each post.  Click on each image for details! Hellebore in Spring 2023 Sunflower From 2021 Dark Leafed Sunshine Dahlia nasturtium flowers daylily hemerocallis landscape off front porch Pomegranate Bloom

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