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new cold frames my husband built

Cold Frame Gardening Tips For Autumn Edibles

In this post, I share my experience with growing under cold frames.  Find what to plant and tips on making your own cover here. Cold Frame Gardening The raised beds have been apart of this greenhouse area landscape since the structure was added in 2009. It took a few years of growing in the raised

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Betty Kitty in the Leaves

Playing in the Leaves on and Autumn Day

Autumn is here and the leaves are falling way to fast for me to keep up. The best time playing in the leaves on an Autumn Day in my garden. In this post enjoy photos from the landscape as the leaves cover my Ohio garden. Autumn Day I literally have to remember to step outside

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moss and rocks

Ultimate Walkout Landscape feature in Cleveland Ohio

Hard to believe this was Ohio but indeed it is an amazing garden in Cleveland Ohio.  Ultimate Walkout Landscape Feature in Cleveland Ohio a private residential home. It is a state-of-the-art platform feature on Lake Erie. I will admit I was a little nervous but as soon as I stepped onto the walkout I had

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joe pye weed

Think Weed with Joe Pye In Your Garden

This is the first year in my landscape located behind the garage that the Joe Pye weed is larger than my Oakleaf hydrangea.  At first, I was totally bummed that my beloved hydrangea had to be cut all the way back to the ground after the hard winter. Once the Herbaceous perennial ( Joe Pye

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new rain barrel to save water for garden

Saving Water During Dry Spell with Rain Barrels

Are you looking for sustainable ways to water your garden? In this post, we discuss saving water during dry spells with rain barrels. During the summer months, it seems my area of NW Ohio keeps missing any substantial amount of rain.  Watching the rain develop around us according to Weather Channel radar and we miss

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tropical in container on porch

3 Hibiscus Plants : That Will Rock Your Home Garden

Some of the most stunning blooms in my home garden this week are coming from the Hibiscus Plants.  There are three different types of hibiscus in my garden and I’m going to share them with a growing tip for you today on this blog post. Perennial Hibiscus In the image below is my is perennial hibiscus

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Plants with Benefits Book Review

Planting can be more than just for looks it can be beneficial.  In this post, I share a ‘Plants with Benefits Book Review’. Plants with Benefits I was companion planting way before this beautiful publication came out by garden writer Helen Yoest.  It was exciting to be gifted a copy to review. Buy The Book

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strawberry blooms

How to Grow Strawberries in Hanging Baskets

Many gardeners decide to NOT grow berries because of the critters that get into them.  If you grow strawberries in containers the critters can’t reach you can have unlimited berries almost year-round.  In this post, I share how to plant strawberries in a hanging container. How to Plant Strawberries in a Hanging Container Below is

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