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canna and succulent container

Canna and Succulent Container Planting

In this post I share one of my latest creations using canna and succulent in container.  This is a fun and easy way to enjoy vibrant color with little to no work!  Basically plant and do during the early summer months and enjoy until its time to harvest before late frost. Canna and Succulent Container

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Colocasia (Elephant Ears) growing in my Garden

Elephant Ears Colocasia Growing in My Home Garden

In this post I share a few of my Elephant Ears (or Colocasia plant) growing in my home garden.  The video features what the plants look like in various conditions including growing in containers. Growing Elephant Ears (Colocasia) Video Join me as we check out a few gorgeous Elephant ears containers in the landscape.  This

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Path to Greenhouse In Snow

Greenhouse After Freeze

In this post I share what it is like to experience a freeze in a home greenhouse. I share tips on what to grow and why it is important to have backup heat. This post was originally written February 12,2010 My Sweet Aussie Loved the Greenhouse Experience NO Heat and the Greenhouse Freeze I woke

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hundreds of Olives Forming

Arbequina Olive Tree Update

Todays post is really exciting for me because I do believe I have Arbequina Olive Tree harvest on the way!  In this post you will see a video featuring what the tree looks like and what I’ve been doing to get fruit. Arbequina Olive Tree Update Year Two It was a toasty day in the

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At Last in Full Bloom

At Last Rose Review

Be sure to scroll down and check out my video featuring this rose as it blooms in my geodesic dome garden.  I think you will be impressed with the At Last Rose in this Review on my website. At Last Rose Introduced to home gardeners a few years ago and is a best seller online

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Single Piece of Tissue Paper

Tillandsias Air Plants Winter UNBOXING Review

In this post, I share Tillandsias Air Plants Winter UNBOXING Review. Check out the surprising video and images in this post. I am a huge fan of tropicals due to the fact that I can always take the plant out to my dome greenhouse.   The 3D print ‘DUDE’ is my inspiration for pricing the order

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Monkey Puzzle Tree

Fun Facts About The Monkey Puzzle Tree

Fun FactThe Monkey Puzzle Tree can grow up to 100 feet tallFun Fact:The Monkey Puzzle Tree Can live up to 1000 years!Fun Fact:This species is listed in the CITES Appendix I as an endangered species. Previous Next A few photos of the tree from my collection Debating if I should share this but the plant

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landscape photo of dome in november

First Snow Year Five Dome Update

In this post, I share what’s going on in the Geodesic Dome for the first snow in year five.  I share tips and tricks for making the dome garden the place to be for gardening as the snow arrives. First Snow I still can’t believe this is my fifth year growing in the dome year-round. 

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jade in ceramic pumpkin planter

Autumn Pumpkin Planter Planting Tips

It is pumpkin season and you know I love to add them to my home decor as much as I love to add them to the gardens.  In this post, I share a cute little ceramic pumpkin container I put together.  Find out the best plants to add to these and how to correctly pot

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Blue Pearl Succulent in a Container Landscape

Fun Facts About the Blue Pearl Succulent In My Home Garden

In this post, I share a plant that does best with some stress in the sun.  This is my new blue pearl succulent that is in the Graptoveria family.  You will find a video and images below. Fun Facts About the Blue Pearl Succulent The first question I had was ‘what is a Graptoveria’.  Luckily,

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GardenChat Live Stream May Updates

In this post, I share the GardenChat Group Live Stream (edited version). You will find the video and more details from that Private Group update.  If you would like to be a part of this spectacular group and see first hand see details here. GardenChat Live Stream for May 28 I cover so many topics

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greenhouse surrounded by raisedbeds

Northern Light Home Garden Greenhouse

Northern Light Home Greenhouse In this post I share details about my very first greenhouse which was the Northern Light Greenhouse.  The structure debuted on Gardener Supply Company. Northern Light Greenhouse First Autumn with Greenhouse greenhouse surrounded by raisedbeds The photo above shows my first summer growing around and in the greenhouse.  By late July

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