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Snake Plant

Repotting A Snake Plant in a Decorative Container

In this post, I am going to share tips on how I repot a snake plant and other useful growing tips. It is such an amazing experience to pop open a container this durable houseplant has been growing in.  You will no doubt find a surprise each time. Repotting the Snake Plant This video was so much

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pinetree seed order review

Pinetree Super Seed Unboxing

This is my first time ordering from Pinetree (Super Seed) Company. In this post I share a quick video featuring my oppinion of my first order.  I also share some ideal seeds to get in the ground today. Pinetree Super Seed Unboxing In this video I tell all about my order and experience. This company

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Wood Frame of Dome

Dome Greenhouse Plastic Update

In this post I share a quick video and more from my dome greenhouse plastic update.  You will see a video and images featuring tips on growing productively out of season. BONUS.. 2 awesome vlogs in this post. Dome Greenhouse Plastic Update On YouTube I titled the video ‘2 snakes in the tea tree’ because

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Back in the Meadow After Sunset

After Sunset Dome Garden Update in March

Check out my latest video featuring the dome garden after sunset in March.  You’ll see how some of the new trees are doing along with some fun lighting in the dome garden. Dome Garden Update After Sunset Video I wish I would have had the video going as I walk out the dome door after

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Houseplant on Table

Sansevieria Golden Hahnii Bird’s Nest Houseplant

Today I am sure a quick post about this neat little snake plant called the Sansevieria Golden Hahnii. I picked this up at Walmart back in the summer garden center. This is the Sansevieria Gold Hahnii Bird’s Nest and I had to Google to find out what it was! After a little research, this plant

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GardenChat Live Stream May Updates

In this post, I share the GardenChat Group Live Stream (edited version). You will find the video and more details from that Private Group update.  If you would like to be a part of this spectacular group and see first hand see details here. GardenChat Live Stream for May 28 I cover so many topics

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Blue Agave

Images From My First Trip to Arizona in 2012

In this post I hope to inspire you to get out and see the United States and share your experience.  You will find images and a few travel tips for those heading to the southwest. Arizona When arriving in Arizona I was captivated by all the dessert plants and hardscaping.  My first visit to the

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