You Can Grow Roses

Do you remember the first time you saw a Knock Out rose shrub?  What was your impression of that new promise to be able to have a rose garden with ease in your home garden? I will admit when I first saw the Knock Out at the garden center I was working at about 8 years ago I had my doubts.   It wasn’t until the end of the season and that pink Knock Out rose shrub was one of the last on the shelf marked at 50% off that I decided to bring it home to my garden.   By the end of the summer that year I had planted an additional Knock Out next in place of a hybrid tea rose I had terribly failed with the year before.  This was the beginning of my addiction to adding roses to my Ohio garden.


It was an honor to talk with Paul Zimmerman of on the podcast attached to this blog post. I have been learning from him via his resourceful website about roses for over a year now and enjoying his tweets daily. When I started reading his bio for research before the podcast I started getting really nervous about our scheduled interview because I found he has a background in writing and television.  Within the first few seconds of our phone conversation I was totally at ease realizing he was just an everyday grower like me … only he may have a few more battle wounds from being a real rosarian.


Follow Paul’s Tweets about Roses at @PZimmermanRoses

Paul’s “Roses Are Plants, Too”  blog can be found on the website of Fine Gardening Magazine.  It contains rose care tips, rose history, roses you need to know and a whole host of other rose related information. Click Here to check out his informative blog.

Paul Zimmerman Shares Everyday Roses 

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