Winter Seed Sowing

Winter Sowing

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Twitter is exploding in 2017. The extremely positive group of garden enthusiasts who share weekly on #gardenchat have been trending in the top 10.  Join the conversation and be a part of the Monday Trend sharing about gardening as we chat about Winter Seed Sowing.

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winter sowing

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What is Winter Sowing?  When I Googled Winter Sow this photo of bblars24 came up and I had to share it with you.  What is Winter Sowing? These questions and more will be discussed on the hashtag #gardenchat starting at 9 p.m. ET LIVE or by connecting after the event at links provided below.

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Questions for the Twitter Event

Connect on Twitter for the GardenChat events by replying with your unique answer to each questions ask by the host of #gardenchat. The questions below are for participants to share their experience as time allows or during the event.  If you have a question you’d like to submit please do so at the bottom of this post.

Questions for Twitter Event : Winter Seed Sowing

Recap from Twitter Event

Click on the links below to answer the qestuions for the event at anytime.  Be sure to reply so you can be included in this fun event.

Question 1: What is Winter Seed Sowing? #gardenchat

Question 2: Have you ever sown seeds in the winter? (share how) #gardenchat

Question 3: What are your favorite seeds to sow in the winter? #gardenchat

Question 4: Why sow seeds in the winter time? #gardenchat

Question 5: What is the most rewarding harvest you’ve had sowing seeds in the winter? #gardenchat

Question 6: Do I have to use a special seed to sow in the winter time?  #gardenchat

Question 7: What type of soil should I use for winter sowing? #gardenchat

Question 8: When should I start sowing winter seeds? #gardenchat

Question 9: Do you have a favorite resource to use for winter seed sowing? #gardenchat

Question 10: Share with us your website, blog or other social account to connect with you! #gardenchat

(after event the links with answers will be provided here) 

Resource Links About Winter Seed Sowing

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