Winning Cool Temperature Decorating Ideas With Pansies

The cooler temperatures are arriving and my summer annuals are starting to yell ‘throw me in the compost pile’.  As we start to pull out those summer annuals with at least six more weeks of outdoor gardening conditions the window boxes, containers and landscape can start to appear dual.  Why not add lush green and plenty of color in little time with Pansies.

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Enjoy the easy spreading color of Cool Wave Pansies as the weather turns cooler in your home garden.  In the video below enjoy a few decorating suggestions and tips for successful container planting from Katie at

This video can be found on my September Gardening Playlist on

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Cool Wave Golden Yellow Pansy Cool Wave Purple Pansy Color Code: PAS 2014 Container, Seed 10.12 Santa Paula, Mark Widhalm CoolWaveFall_02.JPG PAN12-14519.JPG
Cool Wave Golden Yellow Pansy

You will want to consider Cool Wave Petunias as featured on this blog post today because they are a hardy plant that can grow well in 3 seasons including Autumn.  The Cool Wave are easy spreading covering for landscapes and in containers.  One plant can quickly cover a 6 inch container.  This product produced so well throughout the world in trial gardens that it had to be included in with the ‘wave’ signature branding.

Plant In A Pumpkin 

Cool Wave White Spreading Pansy Color Code: White PAS 2013 Container, Seed, Pumpkins 12.14.11 Santa Paula, Mark Widhalm CoolWaveWhite_02.JPG PAN12-13239.JPG
Cool Wave White Spreading Pansy

This is a seasonal favorite of mine using a fresh pumpkin from the farmers market.  Hallow the pumpkin out with the kids and be sure to roast those pumpkin seeds.  Plant the Cool Wave Pansy in the pumpkin just as you would in your favorite container. Wouldn’t this look great on the front porch to great the trick or treaters?!  You will find a step-by-step video below and  at 

Game Day Delight 

Cool Wave Pansies can be the star of your next tailgating party!  Tuck your small pansy pot into a football for the table centerpiece at the next get together for the big game.

Pansy Cool Wave Purple Improved Color Code: 255c PAS 2016, 17, # 1516T Pot on Sweep, Seed 12.13 Santa Paula, Mark Widhalm CoolWavePurpleImp02_02.JPG PAN13-16705al.jpg
Pansy Cool Wave Purple Improved

One Container – Four Looks 

The Cool Wave Pansies are super versatile. Not only can you use them in landscape they are amazing in containers throughout the cool seasons.  Take your pansy planter from back to school. through Halloween, harvest season, and into the Holidays.  Swap out ribbon and other seasonal favorites to keep your decor fresh and fun.

[alert-note]More About Cool Wave Pansy[/alert-note]

Cool Wave Pansy is a fairly new series from PanAmerican Seed that will allow you to sell the Wave brand three seasons each year. The plant is super easy to plant, spreading color and consistent performance in your home garden landscape or containers.

video link : September Gardening Playlist on Creative Living and Growing YouTube Page.

3 Reasons to Look for the Cool Wave Petunia 

  1.  Easy spreading color with consistence performance.
  2. The Cool Wave Pansies will fill the landscape just as quick as in containers and have been successful at wintering over into Spring.
  3. Numerous blooms on 1 cool wave pansy plant.

I hope you will consider adding this variety of pansy to your home garden this Autumn. Be sure to visit for more seasonal decorating tips and how-to projects.  Follow me on Instagram where I will be sharing my cool wave collection that I will be trialing in my OHio garden this season..

[alert-warning]Do you plant new annuals and perennials in your home garden for Autumn? I’d love to connect with you so please share a comment on the bottom of this blog post.

Happy Cool Weather Gardening,




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