Why You Should Attend a Seed Swap

Have you ever attended a seed swap? A few years back I attended my first every seed swap in Toledo Ohio. I took my friend Jeanette with me who also enjoys growing a few things on her shady property in Ohio. Both of us had NEVER been to a seed swap and had a blast. ((this reminds me… I need to ask Jeanette if she wants to attend again this year!)) As I search around the web for information about seed swaps I’m finding that not many of my gardening friends have ever actually attended a swap. I did find there are many ‘under ground’ seed growers via the web too and that was super cool! I hope my post today featuring images from the event I attended will inspire you to search out for the events in your area and check it out.

WHY Attend a Seed Swap?

I can’t begin to tell you how inspired I was to grow things from seed I never thought of.  The wealth of knowledge you get from the people who attend these events are amazing.  I met folks from my area that only grow from seed for cut flowers and others who grow what they eat from only the seeds they grow.

In the image above is the friendly folks from the local herb society. They hooked me up with some awesome lavendar seeds that still grow in my garden five years later. I also got some great native seeds from Wild Ones display. My favorite from the native display was the yellow yarrow plant and YES it still grows in my garden after starting it from seed. You will find seeds at this event you never heard of or will find at most garden centers.


Table of seeds at the Toledo Growers Event 2010.

Table of seeds at the Toledo Growers Event 2010.


Attending a Seed Swap is a great way to grow on a small budget not to mention the unique varieties you will find.
Its Winter … Come ENJOY the Green with Fellow Growers!

The seed swaps are a great way to beat the winter blues and come learn how to grow from seeds.  All the events I’ve attended in Ohio have had local bands and plenty of green plants sitting around on tables to enjoy. If that doesn’t make you happy … I don’t know what will!

This Year the Toledo Botanical Gardens and Toledo Grows is Hosting The 10th Annual Seed Swap
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Download the Flyer Here

*Collection of images from the event I attended in Toledo a few years back : Toledo Grows Seed Swap

Learn More about how to organize a seed swap and other important facts about seeds on Garden Chatter Show ( streaming live at Garden Chatter 1/13/2015 )

I’d love to hear what seed swaps are going on in your area so please leave a comment listing where the event is so we can promote folks to attend.

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