Why A Geodesic Bio Dome?

Recently I was asked ‘Why a geodesic bio dome’ to grow in and not a greenhouse or tunnel.  I really had a hard time putting the rush of  wonderful feelings that were over coming me when I thought of the dome into words.  It’s EVERYTHING to me!  Tonight on Harvest DomeNation Live I connect with Scot of GottaGrowIt.com and we shared WHY along with a bunch of great gardening tips you can use in or out of a dome.

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This was shared live on BLAB at : Why A Geodesic Bio Dome 

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I put together this photo collection of WHY a Geodesic Bio Dome because it is easier for me to put my feelings in photos then words. Check out the snow around the dome shot in this collection.  I got my ‘winter’ photo of the dome in April last week.  Thank goodness for the dome so my harvest was protected from the crazy weather we’ve had in Ohio.

[alert-announce]If you could grow year-round what would you grow? I’d love to hear from you so please comment below. If you have questions about the dome or would like to learn more connect with me.

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