White Pine, Roses, Herbs and Weeds Growing Now Week 7

Hard to believe it is Week 7 of Beth Billstroms GrowNow 2015 Blogging Event. It has been so much fun seeing what everyone is sharing each week from their gardens on blogs and social media. You should join in on the hashtag #GrowNow2015

This Week Growing Now In My Garden

It is July 3rd – I’m a day late sharing so I hope I don’t disappoint by posting as many photos as I can in 15 minutes.  I’m going to share today in the garden around my greenhouse. In my raised bed back around the greenhouse I’ve got volunteer dill herb growing around my chive and tomatillo plants.  I LOVE IT!!!!  Rub the leaves on this wispy grower and it smells amazing.  I can’t get enough of that so I’m going to leave it growing where it is.

growing now : week 7

Boo Kitty found the purfect spot to take a break in the photo below.  I’ve noticed some Japanese beetles have arrives on my rose of sharing and perennial hibiscus in this back corner.  I need to go check my beetle traps.

growing now : week 7

White Pine I started From A Stick

I love this conifer .. .growing along the wood-line edge near the greenhouse.  I started this white pine tree from a stick about 8 inches long back in 2007.  Its so exciting to see it stand over 7 feet tall now!

The Rose 

I need to run back to the greenhouse trellis and share the name of this one… it is lovely and newly planted as of last year when I lost 3 of my climbing roses after the hard winter 2014.  This one keeps giving blooms.  I need to do some mulching after the flood waters came up.  Most of the mulch got lifted and moved out to the river over the last few days.

Over about 10 feet from the rose…. I moved a sedum that was hiding under the Joe Pye Weed along the back of the garage.  It seems to love this part shade area near the weeping conifer @whadyacallit gave me a few years ago.  I love how Boo Kitty ( and the other kitties) are so very careful not to step on my plants.


growing now : week 7

Below are a few of the daisies growing along the fence border around the greenhouse / raised beds. That morning glory weed just keeps on coming back even with mulch in the beds… it is very frustrating.


growing now : week 7

DO NOT pull weeds without gloves on and also evaluating the area for poison ivy.  If you spot poison ivy and are allergic to it like I’m I recommend covering all skin ( arms, legs and hands) before removing it.  I cut open the plant leaving about 10″ above the ground and painting brushing Round-Up on it.  I’ve had to go to the hospital because of this weed so I MEAN BUSINESS when it is spotted.  It must be removed!


Lilies In Bloom
It’s funny that 14 years ago I thought Ditch Lilies ( orange ) were the only lilies that grew in the country. Today I have got many different varieties growing in my country garden. The 2 featured below are ones I grew from a small starter root.

growing now : week 7

In the photo below is a hydrangea I bought back in my suitcase from Garden Writer event in Arizona back in 2012. It as a tiny 2″ root ball in a plastic bag. I’m not sure what variety it is but just look how amazing it looks today back by the potting table at the greenhouse.

growing now : week 7

All time favorite Hydrangea and it is time to prune the blooms so new ones arrive – only on the Invincibelle Spirit Hydrangea. I LOVE THIS!!!!

growing now : week 7
Come Again Hydrengea – Invincible Spirit

I’ll be back in this veggie garden most of the weekend weeding, deadheading roses and spreading some new mulch. It is so peaceful back here along the wood-line of our property.

growing now : week 7

Until Next Time …..  I hope you get out in the garden and share on #grownow2015 ! 


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