What’s SOAKED but in Bloom in my Ohio Garden

It’s Raining … again! I’m actually putting off my drive to a HUGE industry show in Columbus called #Cultivate15 with hopes the rain lets up.  I really do not like driving on the highway during downpours.  I’m not looking forward to seeing what the fields look like as I head through some amazing farmland on my way down to the show with all the rain we’ve had this summer.   Waiting for the rain to let up…. I rain out and took a few photos of what is blooming now in my garden.

Rain Out to the Deck in the Pouring Rain

Sharing Photos in the Rain 

My cats are getting use to the rain…. they are walking about and even playing in it.  It would be super cute if it weren’t for all the major flooding going on in my area.  Look way out front in the photo : That is the river up in my meadow.

Boo Kitty

Here Comes Boo Kitty up to the front porch in the rain … breakfast time!

What's SOAKED but in Bloom in my Ohio Garden

In the photo above … 2 of the ‘ponds’ do not belong!  Seriously, the two water features to the right in the image are from flooding.

Containers on the Pond Deck 

What's SOAKED but in Bloom in my Ohio Garden

My herbs in containers are doing ok as long as they have had some protection from the rain.  The tomatoes are water logged but seem to be producing a few that are great for salads. The image above is a container I forgot to move out of the rain earlier.

What's SOAKED but in Bloom in my Ohio Garden

The Tropical Hibiscus are loving the rain … as long as it stays a little humid.  Love the bloom on the one in photo above that I have wintered over for the past four years.

Whats Blooming Week 6 : Find out more about this blogging event at Heather’s Site 



And I’m off to #Cultivate15 – I hope you will follow the shares on their hashtag and tweet along if you like anything you see.  We will be sharing more about this event on Twitter #gardenchat this Monday so be sure to stop by and support the gardening community.



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