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Everyone is invited to join the conversation that takes place on Twitter each week.  You do have to be a Twitter user in order to submit your contribution.  Twitter users are encouraged to invite friends by sharing below:

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Questions for the Event

At 9:15 pm ET the questions below will be begin on Twitter.  Follow host of Twitter event @BrenHaas for these questions.  You will also have to add #gardenchat to each of your answers tweeted. Take advantage of the share options on the image below and get the word out and show your support.

Recap From The Event

After the event the questions below will be direct links to Twitter featuring the response from those who participate on Twitter event.  (Posted After 10 pm. ET April 3,2017).

Question 1: Are you new to gardening?  How long have you been gardening?   #gardenchat

Question 2: Is there a new gardening adventure taking place for you this season? (new to hydroponics, greenhouse, container etc.) #gardenchat

Question 3: New veggies I can’t wait to get my hands on! TELL US what you’ve seen and don’t forget to share a photo or link. #gardenchat

Question 4: NEW annuals I’ve seen for this season includes (fill in the blank). Share where you saw them with photo or link. #gardenchat

Question 5: Seeds are a popular way to introduce new plants to your garden.  Growing anything new from seed? #gardenchat

Question 6: NEW perennials…. I’m excited to see (fill in the blank) online or in the gardencenter this year. #gardenchat

Question 7: Composting …. seen any new products or methods that you may use in your garden this season? #gardenchat

Question 8: New fruit trees, shrubs or vines in your garden or that you’ve seen you’d love to try?  #gardenchat

Question 9: Is there a new tool you are using in your garden this year? Share what it is and what you think of it so far! #gardenchat

Question 10: NEW – why not try v-logging on YouTube daily about your garden? Share your YouTube URL with us! #gardenchat

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